Regional Offices

The Regional Office Network sits within Netball WA’s Community Department, Stakeholder Engagement Unit. The purpose of the Regional Office Network is to provide services and support to Netball WA’s Affiliated Associations, Clubs and the wider netball community across the State.

Offices are staffed with local personnel, employed by Netball WA, providing a direct line of communication and servicing to Member Associations and Clubs throughout the state. This closer engagement with our Members and our physical presence across the State will provide greater opportunities to further enhance partnerships and engagement.

The Regional Office Network is supported by Netball WA Central Office based at the State Netball Centre.

Nine Regional Offices have been established, six located in country areas and three in the metropolitan area.

Further information on the Regional Offices, Staff and Associations in their Regional Area can be found below.

o	Association visits and servicing
o	Coaching & Umpiring
o	Player programs 
o	Pathway & Development Programs
o	Competitions
o	Regional Championships
o	State Cup Teams
o	Suncorp NetSetGO
o	School programs and carnivals
o	Aboriginal Grassroots Sites
o	No Limits Netball
o	MyNetball & MyLearning
o	Governance and compliance
o	Child safeguarding and Working with Children Check
o	Affiliation & membership
o	Facilities
o	Regional Advisory Committee 

A Regional Advisory Committee is linked to each of the Country Regional Offices. The Committee Members consist of Netball WA Central Office and Regional Office staff and a member of each of the Affiliated Associations within the Region. Other key stakeholders such as the Department of Local Government Sport & Cultural Industries may also be invited to attend these meetings. 
The key purpose of the Committee is to develop, implement and monitor each Region’s annual Regional Development Plan and the servicing associated with this plan. The Committee is also empowered by Netball WA to promote the purpose, values and behaviours of Netball WA within the Netball and greater Western Australian Communities, develop relationships with and between Associations, develop and promote initiatives that retain and build capacity within the area and promote the growth and sustainability of Netball. The Committee meets three times a year.

Netball WA will meet with the metropolitan Associations in a Forum to be held twice a year.

Metropolitan Regional Offices