Jill McIntosh Medal Winners

The Jill McIntosh Medal is awarded annually to the Fairest & Best player in the Gold Industry Group West Australian Netball League. Votes are awarded on a 3-2-1 basis by the umpires each game, with the player with the most votes crowned the winner.

* In 1989 and 1990, the award was called Classique Player of the Series.

* From 1991-1993, the award was called the Berri Medal.

*1989 Jodie McGowan Saints
*1990 Peta Simeon Sparks
*1991 Jenny Jones Flames
*1992 Sharon Jarrott Bullets
*1993 Chelsey Mardon Pumas
1994 Peta Simeon Sparks
1995 Waveney Seinor Pumas
1996 Leith Fradd Bullets
1997 Angela Lloyd-Woods Jets
1998 Nardine Clarke Flames
1999 Paula Ferguson Warriors
2000 Michelle Atwell Bullets
2001 Amanda Santaromita WAIS-Coastals
2002 Fiona Mitchell Coastals
2003 Susan Fuhrmann Jets
2004 Cath Devitt Coastals
2005 Cath Devitt Coastals
2006 Kyra Neal Demons
2007 Kym Hunter Bullets
2008 Emma Beckett Sharks
2009 Mia Washbourne WAIS
2010 Kodie Blay Demons
2011 Sally Joynes Sharks
2012 Ama Agbeze Falcons
2013 Rochelle McKee Lions
2014 Ashleigh Neal Demons
2015 Andrea Gilmore Falcons
2016 Lindal Rohde Demons
2017 Andrea Gilmore Warriors
2018 Olivia Lewis Sharks
2019 Donell Wallam Warriors