Walking Netball

Walking Netball is netball but at a walking pace! This program is a modified version of netball that reduces the risk of injury while promoting a safe, non-threatening environment for play.

Walking Netball is a great alternative for those who feel they cannot play the traditional Netball format anymore, for anyone brand new to the sport or for those just looking for a fun and friendly way to play.

Ready to have fun and stay active? Find out how you can get involved below!

Walking Netball is a modified version of Netball that uses rule modifications to reduce the risk of injury while playing. Walking Netball is netball but at a walking pace. 

While reducing the risk of injury, it also promotes a safe, non-threatening environment for play. Walking Netball will improve your physical health and wellbeing and will help you stay active and social, regardless of fitness or age. 

See below for the rule changes that allow Walking Netball to achieve this!

Walking Netball provides a fun, safe environment and encourages adults to have a more gradual introduction to physical activity by regaining necessary motor skills, helping balance, coordination, and better footwork. Other benefits include improved strength, flexibility and circulation, along with long-term fitness and weight maintenance benefits.

Walking Netball also encourages social interaction and is a great way to make friends or even spend time with old friends on a regular basis.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy Walking Netball regardless of physical fitness, age or previous netball experience.

Walking Netball is designed to reduce the risk of injury and falls to the players while promoting a safe, non-threatening environment for play, which is achieved through these modifications to the rules:

•	You are not allowed to run or jump! Walking is required at all stages
•	Players get up to 2 steps with the ball!
•	You can hold possession of the ball for 4 seconds
•	There is rolling substitutions allowed throughout the game

Try Walking Netball to see what it is all about!

There are many opportunities to try the program throughout the state. No matter where you reside and want to play, email the Walking Netball Program Coordinator at alex.nunn@netballwa.com.au to see where and when you can come and try the program.

There will be opportunity to try at the following come-and-trys:
Matthews Netball Centre:
o	Come-and-Try Walking Netball at Matthews Netball Centre before their competition begins on the 10th of February at 6:00pm. 

Gold Netball Centre:
o	Come-and-try our Walking Netball Exercise Class at the Gold Netball Centre on the 2nd of February, 2022, at 2:00pm.
o	To register your attendance, please fill out the form below.

As part of the Walking Netball program Netball WA are offering an alternative to competition with a Walking Netball Exercise Class! 

Held at The Gold Netball Centre, this weekly class will be 1 hour of fun and fitness getting participants up and moving without the fast pace of your normal gym class. The class will see a mixture of walking netball warm ups as well as strength and netball exercises and a weekly fun and social Walking Netball match! 

An exercise physiologist will be at each class to assist with warming up and, if you would like, to help assess your physical health. 

Ready to give it a go? Sign up any time using the button below or come give it a try for FREE on Monday the 11th and 18th of October from 10am at the Gold Netball Centre in Jolimont. 

Check out the frequently asked questions about Walking Netball below! 

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please contact Alex Nunn by emailing alex.nunn@netballwa.com.au 
For all queries regarding Walking Netball please contact Netball WA Participation Coordinator, Alex Nunn.