Multicultural Carnival

The Multicultural Carnival is a one-day event held by Netball WA. The carnival promotes participation and engages players from a wide variety of ethnicities to foster their netball skills in a fun and encouraging environment. The Multicultural Carnival is a celebration of WA’s cultural diversity and requires 5 participants with 1 or more parents born overseas or to identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander on court at all times.

The Multicultural Carnival was first held in 2015 at the Belmont Netball Association. More than 200 participants from 17 different teams competed in the inaugural carnival and has since grown significantly. In 2018 The Multi-Cultural Carnival was held at the Gold Netball Centre hosting over 800 participants, 80 teams with more than 60 different nationalities represented on the day.

Date: Friday 28th August, 2020
Location: Gold Netball Centre, 200 Selby St Jolimont

Registrations details coming soon.