Program Snapshot

In 2017, the Marie Little OAM Shield was held in Perth at the State Netball Centre for the first time, and it was the second year that Western Australia competed.
Netball WA supported by Inclusion WA will be hosting trials for females aged 16 and over who meet the player eligibility.

Marie Little OAM was the founder of Sport Inclusion Australia (formerly known as AUSRAPID) in 1986 and dedicated her working life to improve the lives of people with an intellectual disability, using the medium of sport. Renaming the event in her name was an honour of her work within the netball community.


History & Participation

The Marie Little OAM Shield is a national competition for girls aged 16 and over with an intellectual disability. The inaugural Marie Little OAM Shield began in 2013 with three teams contesting the title. In 2016, Western Australia and Queensland were invited to enter teams in to the competition, with team selections to be held in June, following the No Limits Division at the Smarter Than Smoking Association Championships. There are several options to get involved with this exciting opportunity.

Player Eligibility
  • The Marie Little OAM Shield is a female only competition unless otherwise specified by Netball Australia.
  • Definitions of athlete eligibility for the Marie Little OAM Shield shall be:
    • Age Eligibility: All participants must be aged 16 years or older in the year the competition is held.
    • Eligibility: Players competing in the Marie Little OAM Shield must complete the Sport Inclusion Australia MLS eligibility form.

For more information, please contact Netball WA’s Community Engagement Team.