Policies & Procedures

Netball WA has a number of policies by which it and its members are governed.

Netball WA Membership

2023 Netball WA Membership Policy
2023 Netball WA Membership and Affiliation Procedures
2022 Netball WA Member Grievance Policy
2022 Netball WA Member Disciplinary Policy
Netball WA Uniform Position Statement
Netball Multicultural Uniform Guidelines

Netball WA Governance

Elected Director Qualifications and Nominations Review Policy
Casual Vacancy Appointment Policy
Netball WA Whistleblower Policy

Awards & Recognition

Netball WA Life Membership Policy
Netball WA Life Membership Nomination Form
Netball WA Service Awards Policy
Netball WA Service to Sport Award Nomination Form
Court of Champions Policy

Member Protection

National Privacy Policy
Member Protection Policy 
Netball Australia Junior Netball Policy
Netball WA Photography and Videography Policy
Netball WA Weather Policy
Netball WA Working with Children Policy (Member)
Netball WA Working with Children Policy
Discrimination and Vilification Policy
Inclusion Policy
Inclusion Policy and Statements Supporting Information
Transgender & Gender Diversity Statement

National & State

Equal Opportunities Act
Netball Australia Anti-Doping Policy
Netball Australia Anti-Doping Policy - Amendments
Australian National Anti-Doping Policy
Australian National Anti-Doping Compliance Framework Standards
Australian National Anti-Doping Policy Fact Sheet
Australian National Anti-Doping Policy - Amendments
Netball Australia Inclusion of Transgender and Gender Diverse Athletes in Elite Netball Competitions Policy
Netball Australia - One Netball Inclusion Policy
Guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in sport
Netball WA State Team Athlete Selection Policy

Netball Australia anti-doping policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective from 1 January 2021, and found here* (on the Sport Integrity Australia website). All members, participants and non-participants in the sport of netball are bound by these rules.

Health & Integrity

Netball Australia Pregnancy Policy
Netball Australia Integrity Framework Policy
Netball Australia Concussion Policy
Netball WA Concussion Policy
Netball WA Health Guidelines

Terms & Conditions

T&Cs Netball WA Census