Umpires and Bench Officials have an important role to play, and being an Umpire or Bench Official provides you with much more than just the ability to officiate the rules of the game. It can make you feel:
  • Connected: is a great way to make friends for life and be an integral part of the vibrant netball community.
  • Respected: provide the opportunity for everyone to play the game in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment. Develop skills that can be used for life (communication, resilience and leadership).
  • Energised: lets you experience the thrill of the game and offers a pathway to participate in the sport at the highest level.


  1. Must be a registered member of Netball WA.
  2. Obtain a copy and study the Official Rules of Netball book – Umpire and Official Resources
  3. Sit the Rules of Netball Theory Exam, enrol via MyNetball
  4. Complete the Foundation Umpiring Course, enrol via MyNetball
  5. Contact your local Club/Association for Umpire Coaching and Badging.


  1. Obtain a copy and study the Official Rules of Netball book – Umpire and Official Resources
  2. Sit the Rules of Netball Theory Exam, via MyNetball
  3. Read the NA Bench Officials Accreditation Framework and the NA Bench Officials Manual
  4. Complete the Bench Officials Education Course, via MyNetball

Click here for Netball WA’s Umpire and Bench Officials Pathway

For further information about Umpire & Official development in Western Australia, follow the links below.