Suncorp NetSetGO Become a Centre

Any School, Club, Association or community group may apply to become an accredited Suncorp NetSetGO Centre at no cost!

Express your interest in becoming a Suncorp NetSetGO Independent Centre by filling out the form below.

Suncorp NetSetGO Centre Pathway

Run a Net skills program at your school or Centre for all the brand new participants (5-10 year olds) and 5-6 year olds eager to get involved in netball. 

With the support and guidance of Netball WA staff, begin your journey in Suncorp NetSetGO today!

Interest increasing and numbers rising? 

With the support of committed group of volunteers, establish your own Netball Club at your Centre to continue growing the great sport of netball! Anyone can be involved, regardless of experience, but just ensure you have willing participants ready to support the delivery of Suncorp NetSetGO. 

As a club you can independently run the Suncorp NetSetGO Net program as well.

When becoming an established Club, consult with your local Association around joining their Suncorp NetSetGO Competition. 

In doing so, the Association will discuss the process around becoming affiliated with them. Once you join an Association, you are ready to deliver Set and GO and compete in participation-based modified match play!

Benefits and Expectations

All Suncorp NetSetGO centres will be provided access to the Suncorp NetSetGO resources page, which provides Centres with session plans, marketing collateral and helpful coaching tips.

All registered Netball WA Suncorp NetSetGO Centres will be covered by Netball WA’s insurance. 

From 2020, Suncorp NetSetGO saw the launch of the new Suncorp NetSetGO Online Shop. Through this shop, all Suncorp NetSetGO Centres* can earn credits to be redeemed for new equipment and other products to help run their Suncorp NetSetGO Programs. This is a move away from the previous structure where Centres earned vouchers.  

*To be eligible for credits your Centre needs to be an Accredited Suncorp NetSetGO Centre on MyNetball and have more that 10 total participants registered to a single program. 

The credit system is based on three factors: 
• Loyalty/tenure in the program (Tenure Calculation) 
• Number of participants registered (Registration Calculation) 
• Number of tiers offered within the centre (Tier Diversity Calculation)’ 

For more information, please refer to the Centre Credit Info Sheet below.

In keeping with the philosophy of Suncorp NetSetGO and Netball Australia’s Junior Sports Policy, it is expected that all accredited Suncorp NetSetGO Centres will provide:

A program that enables all individuals to experience personal achievement in terms of competence, enhanced self-esteem, social cooperation, maximum participation and skill development in a fun environment.
Parent information to outline the philosophy of the Suncorp NetSetGO Program.
• Appropriate warm-up activities.
• Appropriate skill teaching in a sequential program.
• Appropriate skill activities and games.
• Appropriate netball matches using modified rules
• Appropriately trained/accredited coaches and umpires.