Centre Information

Any Club, Association, School, or community program may apply to become an Affiliated Woolworths NetSetGO Centre at no cost to the centre!

Express your interest in becoming a brand new Affiliated Woolworths NetSetGO Centre by contacting Netball WA via email.
Email Netball WA


•	The opportunity to increase members and revenue at your club or association 
•	Training opportunities for coaches and volunteers 
•	New centres will receive a starter kit, redeemed through the eStore 
•	Existing centres will have access to promotions on the eStore throughout the year  
•	Access to coaching resources, session plans, marketing materials and coordinator manuals on the Playground
•	The ability to introduce participants to an established junior netball program 
•	Flexibility regarding the structure and timeframes for delivery  
•	A toolkit to recruit girls and boys, parents, and volunteers  
•	All registered Netball WA Woolworths NetSetGO Centres will be covered by Netball WA’s insurance. 
•	Support Process


To read the 2024 NetSetGO Operations Memo, please click the link below.

Education and Courses

Netball Australia have created a free online module that tells you everything you need to know about Woolworths NetSetGO. It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and you’ll get a certificate once you have completed the course. 

The online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques. The course is primarily designed for:  
 - Beginner coaches 
 - Teachers 
 - Parents 
 - Woolworths NetSetGO coaches 

Marketing Materials and Delivery Resources

Access to the Woolworths NetSetGO centre marketing toolkit and all of the resources your centre needs to deliver an exceptional Woolworths NetSetGO program can be found in your 2023 Woolworths NetSetGO Centre Welcome email.  

This includes: 
 - Session plans and delivery resources 
 - Social media and marketing assets  
 - Participant certificates 
 - Logos  

Please contact the Woolworths NetSetGO team at Netball Australia, please email netsetgo@netball.com.au if you are unable to locate the email or if there is anything additional that your centre needs to deliver your Woolworths NetSetGO program. 

Woolworths NetSetGO E-Store

All approved centres will receive an email regarding the new and improved Woolworths NetSetGO Shop. New NetSetGO centres will be able to redeem a free starter kit via the shop and have access to promotions throughout the year. Returning Woolworths NetSetGO Centres will have access to promotions throughout the year. 

Available Grants

There are a number of funding opportunities available to support your Woolworths NetSetGO Centre. 

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