Lodge a complaint

If you have grievance or complaint, you should attempt to resolve it through the complaint management procedures available at your Club or Association.

More information about this kind of process can be found in our Dispute Resolution Flowchart here.

If you have exhausted these options, or your complaint or grievance is directly with Netball WA, you can lodge a complaint using the form below.

Name of complainant

If you are the representative of a complainant and completing this form on their behalf, please state your name.

Or the contact number of the complainant's representative

At what level is your complaint?
Have you already completed the complaint resolution procedures available to you at your club and/or association?
I have already exhausted my complaint resolution options at my club and/or association and wish to lodge a complaint with Netball WA
I have not been through any complaint resolution procedures at my club and/or association.
I am unsure if there are complaint resolution procedures available to me at my club and/or association.

Or, the Club and Association of the member on behalf of whom I am lodging this complaint.

I.e., a member breached the code of conduct, a committee member incorrectly followed policy/procedure, etc.

I acknowledge that: