Carnival and Come & Try Sanctioning Form

Please select if you are an Association, Club, or Associate Member
Has your Association, Club, or Venue submitted a current COVID Safety Plan?
A current COVID Safety Plan will match the Phase of the WA Roadmap from the WA State Government
Do you have permission from your Association to run this Carnival?

This question is for Clubs. If you do not yet have permission from your Association, you will need to demonstrate that you have done so before Netball WA will sanction the carnival.

Does your Carnival have a name?
Is your Carnival to be held on one day or over multiple days?

This can be the same date as the start date if the carnival is run over only one day.

Does your Carnival have a dedicated Webpage or Facebook event?
Primary Contact

Please provide the Name, Email and Contact Number for the Primary Contact for the Carnival

Please select the Grades for the Carnival (You can select more than one)

Unaffiliated participants means anyone that is participating in the carnival that is not a paying member of Netball WA. It does not include those who are unaffiliated and are not participating in the carnival, such as spectators.
Please Note: All unaffiliated participants are required to pay the Carnival Participant Fee. More information on this can be found in the Membership and Affiliation Procedures.

Please indicate whether your Carnival is open to any participants, or restricted to specific participants

Restricted may mean restricted to just your Association, restricted to a certain level of competition (e.g. Association Championships teams, Metro League teams), restricted to a certain population (e.g. No Limits, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants, multicultural participants), etc.

Please describe the way in which your Carnival is restricted

I acknowledge the following:
Has your Association, Club, or Venue submitted their current COVID Safety Plan to Netball WA?
If you select 'no,' you will need to submit a current COVID Safety Plan to Netball WA before your event will be sanctioned.