• Established
  • Home Venue
    Craigie Leisure Centre/Arena Joondalup
  • Divisions
    Opens | 20U | Mens

West Coast Warriors NC have participated in the State League Competition since 1989.

Through various name changes – Wanneroo Warriors, Compact Warriors, West Coast Falcons and back to West Coast Warriors, the Club has a proud history of developing athletes, with many going on to play State and higher.

Paula Ferguson
Ama Agbeze
Andrea Gilmore
Donnell Wallam

•	Opens – 1998, 2012, 2016,  2017,  2019
•	Reserves/20U/18U/17U – 2009 
•	Mens – 2018,  2019


Kellie Baker
Natalie Bright
Caitlyn Brown
Stephanie Cooper
Amy Donaldson
Jessica Eales
Stacey Hein
Laura Jenour
Natalie Moeahu-Pehi
Maddison O’Regan
Emily Ridley
Hana Stokes
Helen Taylor
Donnell Wallam

Anna Bonedeo
Teagan Sawatzky
Elizabeth Dronfield
Ashby Gordon
Mia Gordon
Bianca Grickage
Ebony Horler
Ella Tudor-Roberts
Ashleigh Weyer
Sophie Freeman
Natasha Oberman
Hannah Tweedie

Scott Austen
David Aylmore
Michael Bawden
Cameron Bosschart
Matthew Brown
Jerome Gillbard
Keenan Halden
Mouroa Hosea
Johan Ness
Ben Phillips
William White
Brandon Barry
Juna Williams
James Yannakis