The following instructions will help you to conduct the West Coast Fever Fastball competition at your School.


  1. If you haven’t done already, register your school by submitting the West Coast Fever Fastball registration sheet.  The registration forms link can be found on the Netball WA website
  2. Schools should have a minimum of 5 pairs (10 students) when registering.
  3. Promote the competition in your school throughout Term 1 and encourage practice.
  4. Conduct the competition during lunchtime, sport or PE lessons throughout Term 2, 2014.
  5. Pairs must use shoulder passes only.  Teach the students the pass utilising the following coaching points:
  • Opposite foot to throwing arm forward
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Ball held with two hands initially then in one hand with arm back behind shoulder
  • Rotate hips and shoulders towards target
  • Follow through with throwing arm until almost fully extended
  1. Competition will involve the students performing shoulder passes to each other based on the distances in the table below.  The winners of each group are the ones to catch the most passes in a two minute period.
Mixed, Years 1 – 3 3m
Girls, Years 4 – 5 4m
Boys, Years 4 – 5 4m
Girls, Years 6 – 7 5m
Boys, Years 6 – 7 5m


  1. Enter the names of your school’s winners, their score and the total number of students that participated in the competition onto the West Coast Fever Fastball Schools Recording Sheet.
  2. Return Recording Sheet to Netball WA once completed. Netball WA will issue a prize to each group winner from your school.
  3. For any queries please contact Netball WA – ScoolNet Officer on 9380 3700, or