WA State Teams

Vision: To select the best emerging talent across the State to represent Western Australia at the National Netball Championships.

The State Program is an integral step in the Netball WA pathway. We are looking for athletes who are ready to embark on the journey and enjoy the challenge.

State Trials for the 2022 WA Team have concluded. 


Lily Anderson
Ruth Aryang (WAIS)
Gardenia Asiata
Sophie Eastaugh (WAIS)
Riley Burd
Jasmah Haywood (WAIS)
Zjana Herangi
Jamaica Jauncey
Cleo Kenny (WAIS)
Emma Putt (WAIS)
Grace Sinclair
Indiana Squiers

Extended Squad:
Madison Gauntlett
Rylee Hall
Shaye Skraha

Rebekah Aynsley
Georgie Cleaver
Aitaua Enari
Boudene Huckle
Scarlet Jauncey
Maya Kenny
Serian Lockwood-Jones
Teddi Lowe
Chloe Ramsay
Shae Fitzgerald
Charisse Rond
Tayla Styles

Extended Squad:
Asha Ranson (out due to injury)
Honey Harrington
Isabel Spry