Netball WA follows Netball Australia’s well-established Accreditation system. For each Umpiring Badge Level there is an explanation, prerequisites and course information on Netball Australia’s Umpire Accreditation.


If you are a Netball WA member please use your MyNetball number and log on to do the online courses, or become a Netball WA prior to doing the course.

Rules of Netball Theory Exam (formerly Section 1 Theory Exam) – Online 

Foundation Umpires Course (formerly Level 1 Umpires Course) – Online    

Officials should be a Netball WA member. This is a pre-requisite for being eligible to be tested for a National C Badge.

Elite Umpires Course (formerly Level 2 Umpires Course) – in Person

The Elite Umpires Course is a pre-requisite for obtaining a National A Badge. Netball WA sends out an expression of interest, should umpires be ready and want to attend this high level course. The Elite Umpires Course has been designed to further develop skills, techniques, and increase understanding of the procedures and protocols of a higher level of umpiring. 


To update an ‘on court’ or ‘off court’ umpire accreditation visit Netball Australia website.

For any queries please email