Created by Sport for Sport, the Top Club Project is an online planning tool that can assist your club to achieve best practice procedures.


Top Club engages Club Members to provide input into what they consider to be the essential elements of their Club. Top Club’s planning is based on what Members nominate to be the Club’s Purpose, Values, Vision and appropriate Member behaviour, both on and off the court. The outcome is a yearlong Club Plan with clear strategies and objectives that can assist you with the delegation process and prioritising.

It can be easy to advocate the values and behaviours people should bring to your Club, but any real impact you have on culture is driven by how your words consistently match your actions. Based on contemporary management practices, Top Club enhances Club culture through strong and effective leadership, a consultative decision-making process to achieve buy-in, agreement of behaviour standards and consistent practice of these behaviours by all Members.


  • The Sessions are FREE
  • Reduce 2 days of planning to 2.5 hours
  • All objectives have associated netball specific resources


  1. An anonymous 5-min Member Survey is distributed to all Members prior to the Workshop. Responses are collated and pre-loaded into the Top Club Tool.
  2. 3-5 Club representatives attend a 2.5-hour Top Club Workshop to determine Club purpose, vision, SWOT analysis and yearlong objectives.
  3. A Club Action Plan is generated, which has been tailored to suit your Club.
  4. Your Club revisits the Action Plan at Committee Meetings to track progress and access the online tool for resources to assist you to achieve your objectives.

To undertake further information gathering prior to undertaking a Top Club Workshop, the Australian Sports Commission Club Health Check can be completed to examine how your Club is currently operating.

The Top Club project is a partnership between the WA Sports Federation and eight State Sport Associations: Netball WA, Basketball WA, Football West, Hockey WA, Rugby WA, Surf Life Saving WA, WA Cricket Association and the WA Football Commission. The RAC provides support in partnership with the Department of Sport and Recreation.

Top Plan

Top Plan follows on from the highly successful Top Club Planning Tool. Where Top Club provides a 1-year operational plan, Top Plan delivers a 3-5 year strategic plan for larger Clubs and Associations.

There are 3 phases to the Top Plan process.

  1. Engagement of stakeholders to provide feedback on the critical strategic issues facing the organisation. This is conducted by questionnaire prior to the planning session
  2. Conduct the strategic planning session over a 2-hour period
  3. Follow up at the next Committee/Board meeting to confirm allocation of tasks, timeframe and budget

To date 92 netball Clubs and Associations have participated in the project. If you are interested in having your Club or Association participate in the project, please complete the Top Club Expression of Interest Form below.

Alternatively, you can contact Netball WA Member Services Coordinator, Kate Bond on 9380 3744 or for more information.

Top Club Expression of Interest Form

Top Club Expression of Interest Form

Netball WA is able to deliver the Top Club/Top Plan Planning Tool to netball clubs and Associations across WA. If you are interested in having your club or association participate in the project or would like further information, please complete all fields below. A Netball WA representative will then contact you in regards to your enquiry.

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