Program Snapshot

The objective of Netball WA’s Specialist Netball School Endorsement Program is to outline minimum standards that are relevant to the current athlete, coach, umpire and official pathways. Netball WA Endorsed Specialist Netball Schools must be able to demonstrate that they are able to provide a successful program that covers all aspects of netball and a holistic approach to student development. Schools work with Netball WA to produce a comprehensive program in accordance with the Netball Australia Long Term Athlete Development Plan with requirements such as a minimum of four contact hours per week programmed before, during and after school hours.

Criteria for endorsement
  • Schools must provide a comprehensive program in accordance with the Netball Australia Long Term Athlete Development Plan with a minimum of four contact hours per week programmed before, during and after school hours.  Consideration must be given to the athletes’ entire workload to ensure they are not physically overloaded and receive adequate recovery.
  • The coach must hold a minimum advanced coaching accreditation with coaching experience at association representative level  and preferably with regional or state league coaching experience
  • The school must be able to provide safe, full sized and suitable netball facilities and equipment
  • The curriculum should assist students to develop their knowledge and skills across a broad range of areas within the sport:
    • Develop skills as outlined in the Netball Australia Skills Curriculum
    • Enhance tactical knowledge relevant to the students developmental stage
    • Provide sports science knowledge that is relevant to netball e.g. nutrition, injury prevention, psychology and leadership
    • Conduct relevant administration, coach and umpire education
  • Students should undergo a selection process and be able to demonstrate a strong interest in the sport and a desire to advance their skills in all areas
  • Competitive opportunities should be provided, such as tournaments or events
  • Schools must support Netball WA programs and students must be members of Netball WA
  • Schools should act as a positive advocate for netball in the local community
History & Participation

The Specialist Schools Program is a Netball Australia initiative that commenced in 2008. The program in WA began with three schools in 2009, with a fourth school being endorsed in 2010 and the fifth school in 2016. 

Tier 1 2019 Netball WA endorsed schools

Atwell College
201 Brenchley Drive, Atwell, WA 6164

Netball Specialist Coordinator: Sharon Dawson
Phone: 9414 4300

Darling Range Sports College
Berkshire Road, Forrestfield, WA 6058

Head Coach: Sam McShane
Coordinator: Georgie Smith

Tel: 08 9453 0100
Fax: 08 9453 1464
Email: georgie.smith@education.wa.edu.au 

Governor Stirling Senior High School
25 Third Ave, Woodbridge, WA 6056

Tel: (08) 6274 0300

Head Coach: Emma Cosh

Tel: 08 6274 0300
Fax: 08 9453 1464
Email: emma.cosh@education.wa.edu.au

Melville Senior High School
Potts Street, Melville, WA 6156

Head Coaches: Sonia Soltoggio and Sue Gerrard

Tel: 08 9330 0300
Fax: 08 9330 3598
Email: melville.shs@education.wa.edu.au

Warwick Senior High School
335 Erindale Road, Warwick WA

Head Coach: Brianna Barber

Tel: 08 6240 4400
Fax: 08 6240 4497
Email: Warwick.shs.enquiries@education.wa.edu.au

Tier 2 2019 Netball WA endorsed schools


Esperance Anglican Community School
5 Griffin St, West Beach, WA, 6450

Netball Specialist Coordinator: Sharelle Walter
Phone: 9083 2444

Rockingham Senior High School
15 Read St, Rockingham, WA, 6168

Netball Specialist Coordinators: Kellie Murphy & Siobhan Jones
Phone: 9527 0300

Aranmore Catholic College
41 Franklin Street, Leederville, 6007

Netball Specialist Coordinator:  Cherie Farnan
Phone:  9444 9310

Emmanuel Catholic College
122 Hammond Rd, Success WA 6164

Netball Specialist Coordinator: Claire de Reus
Phone: 9414 4000

For further information, contact:

Sport Development Coach Coordinator
Office: +61 8 9380 3700 | Direct: +61 8 9380 3796 | Email: coaching@netballwa.com.au