Program snapshot

Netball WA currently has a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with School Sport WA (SSWA). The partnership with School Sport WA provides an avenue for promoting access to netball in new markets and is vital in helping to strengthen pathways of engagement within our sport. School Sport WA and Netball WA programs are delivered in metropolitan and regional areas. The support of each other’s school programs and competitions provide growth and unity of our sport through increased participation and engagement. Netball WA recognise School Sport WA’s 12U and 15U state teams within our player, umpiring & coaching pathway and provide support in these areas. Netball WA personnel travel with School Sport WA teams to School Sport Australia’s National Competition.


The partnership between School Sport WA and Netball WA is fundamental in capacity building for the sport of netball through all avenues of participation. The State 12U and 15U netball programs come under the governance of School Sport WA. School Sport WA is an association of school teachers whose principle purpose is to promote, organise and coordinate sporting competitions for school students at a local, regional, interstate and international level. School Sport WA caters for all students and encourages maximal participation in a range of quality sporting programs.
The extent and intensity of the competition is varied and based on the experience, skill level, maturity and interest of the student. In conducting its affairs, School Sport WA works in close cooperation with the Department of Education, other educational sectors, State Sport Associations, local government, key organisations in other states, schools and other agencies. Teachers in schools contribute voluntary time on behalf of the Association to ensure the success of the various competitions.

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