Netball Community Raffle is back for 2017!

The Inaugural Netball Community Raffle was launched in 2015, and was a great success for the 89 Associations and Clubs involved. With more than 40,000 tickets sold, the Raffle had two main purposes – to provide Associations and Clubs with a fundraising opportunity where no outlay was required on their behalf, and to put funds aside for future facility investment.

60% of funds raised were returned which resulted in Netball WA giving over $46,000 back to the Associations and Clubs. 7 Associations and Clubs received in excess of $2000 with a further 8 receiving more than $1000. The funds have been used for projects ranging from equipment purchases and end of season events to off-setting costs for athletes in talent development programs.

Click here to read about the 2016 Netball WA Community Raffle.

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