Suncorp NetSetGO surpasses 10,000 participants

Netball WA is excited to announce that the Suncorp NetSetGO program has surpassed 10,000 participants across the State just five months into the year.

With 1077 programs offered across Western Australia, the participant numbers have increase to a whopping 11,950 from the 428 centres running the program this year, with 213 boys participating in the program.

Netball WA General Manager of Community Netball Liz Booth was excited and proud of the growth in participants, and the expansion of the Suncorp NetSetGO program.

“We’re extremely happy with the way the program and the new tiered approach has progressed,” Booth said.

“It’s incredibly important that all children throughout WA have access to Suncorp NetSetGO programs and competitions, so seeing it run in remote areas like Kununurra, Leinster and Albany is positive for our game.”

“We have seen significant growth across the State, particularly in areas such as Busselton and Wanneroo, so to get more numbers at the grassroots level can only be a good thing for netball.”

The Suncorp NetSetGO program ranges as far north as Kununurra with 70 participants and as far south as Albany with 204 participants, with a two team increase from 2017.

Leinster, a town with a population of only 700 located 964km from Perth, has also picked up the Suncorp NetSetGO program for the local children and although there has only been a small number registered so far, there is scope for expanding numbers.

Karratha Netball Association has the largest Suncorp NetSetGO numbers for an association more than 1000km away from Perth, with an impressive 123 participants.

Busselton Netball Association has seen the highest amount of growth in the program this year almost doubling the number of participants from 180 in 2017 up to 342 in 2018.

Wanneroo Netball Association has the largest Suncorp NetSetGO competition with almost 2000 children registered.

Suncorp NetSetGO participants also have access to a number of exclusive offers, including a discounted rate for West Coast Fever Memberships. To secure this exciting offer, participants simply enter their MyNetball ID in the field here.

To find one of the 428 centres running Suncorp NetSetGO in WA, click here, or for more information on how to become a centre and run this exciting program, please contact Carolyn Clancy on 9380 3732.