Specialist Schools learn from Fever

Netball WA’s Specialist Schools came together for insights from Suncorp Super Netball elite this week.

Tier one schools Atwell College, Darling Range Sports College, Governor Stirling Senior High School, Melville Senior High School and Warwick Senior High School were invited to the State Netball Centre on Monday for the Specialist Schools Hub Day.

West Coast Fever stars Stacey Francis, Kaylia Stanton, Olivia Lewis and Alice Teague-Neeld put the students through their paces in specialised sessions.

High Performance Coach Lyn Pemberton and Development Coordinator Ellie Sanzone were also there on the day to assist and pass on their knowledge of the game.

The annual event was held for the third time.

Netball WA Participation Manager Kobie Combes said the day was a huge success.

“It was great to have some of the Fever athletes out,” Combes said. “They did a wonderful job taking the specialised sessions.

“It’s wonderful to have the schools come in and all receive the specialist coaching in the one place. It gives them the opportunity to meet people from other schools and socialise.”

Warwick Senior High School Netball Specialist Coordinator Brianna Barber was impressed with how the event was run.

“I thought the day ran extremely well and quite smoothly because everyone completed their activity sessions on time,” Barber said.

“The sessions were planned out well in regards to the actual drills and activities.”

Barber had 15 students receive coaching and was impressed with how engaged the Fever players were.

“I just thought that they did a fantastic job and seemed really present on the day,” she said.

“I thought they were quite enthusiastic. I know that the girls got on the bus and had a nice buzz and were super excited.”

Barber said it was also a good opportunity to compare notes with the other Tier 1 schools.

“We touch base quite a bit throughout the year, particularly Emma Cosh from Governor Stirling and Georgie Smith from Darling Range,” she said.

“In regards to comparison of how Specialist Schools are going, for it to be just a Tier 1 event, it does kind of highlight areas for me that need improvement or highlight areas that we are doing really well.”

For more information on the Netball WA Specialist Schools program, click here.