Netball WA launch strategic documents

Netball WA has launched its Strategic Plan 2018-2022, High Performance Plan and inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) at an event following Saturday’s historic Annual General Meeting.

More than 60 people attended the event, which showcased the three documents, with speakers outlining the key outcomes of each.

The Strategic Plan is built on four Strategic Pillars; namely People & Culture, Participation, Pathway and Business Performance, with Netball WA firmly committed to fuelling the growth of the game in Western Australia.

With a clear vision to be the sport of choice in Western Australia, this Plan will empower participants at every level to take control of their netball destiny, shape their journey and work together toward a common purpose of “Advancing Netball, Advancing Communities.”

The High Performance Plan has been developed to ensure there is a clear direction, strong foundations and an alignment of all Netball WA High Performance programs, and will represent shared accountability between West Coast Fever and the Netball WA Sport Development Unit.

The inaugural RAP articulates Netball WA’s commitment to building meaningful, lasting and respectful relationships, and declares a dedication to ensuring that the sport continues to be accessible and a leader in the sports industry.

Netball WA Chief Executive Officer Simon Taylor said launching the documents was a momentous occasion.

“These three documents are the blueprints for our sport for the next five years, and I am confident that what we have created will serve as an outstanding platform for the growth of our game,” Taylor said.

“We have a clear vision and purpose, and as the governing body for the largest female participation sport in Western Australia, we are committed to ensuring we grow our great game at all levels, from the grassroots through to the elite.”

“I would particularly like to thank to the stakeholders who engaged in the development process of the Strategic Plan and High Performance Plan, as well as the RAP Working Group for their contributions in that process.”

Netball WA’s AGM was held on Saturday, with Delegates from the 11 Regions voting in favour of adopting the new Netball WA Constitution, one of the most significant changes to the sport’s governance in its history.

The Netball WA Strategic Plan, High Performance Plan and Reconciliation Action Plan can be found here.