Netball WA holds historic AGM

Delegates from Netball WA’s Tier 1 Associations descended on the State Netball Centre on Saturday afternoon for the first Annual General Meeting held under the new Netball WA Constitution.

The new Constitution was accepted at last year’s Annual General Meeting, marking one of the most significant changes to the sport’s governance in its 95-year history.

There are currently 22 Tier 1 Associations, with each required to be incorporated, and sign and comply with the Netball WA Association Annual Affiliation Agreement, as well as ensuring they have more than 450 playing and non-playing members and unique product participants.

Additionally, Tier 1 Associations are required to run one senior and one junior competition, a Suncorp NetSetGO program inclusive of all tiers (Net, Set and GO), and one other participant program or competition.

The meeting saw the election of Natasha Aristei to the Netball WA Board for a three year term, and the re-election of Marita Somerford for a one year term.

Under the Netball WA Constitution, Board Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors for a maximum of six consecutive years.

Somerford, being eligible for a further one-year term, stood for re-election following the expiry of her most recent three-year term and a prior two-year term.

Aristei brings a wealth of experience to the Board across a number of industries, and has been involved with the Broome Netball Association for a number of years, as well as serving as President of the North West Netball Region for the past three years.

Netball WA President Deane Pieters welcomed Aristei.

“Natasha is a welcome addition to the Netball WA Board with great experience and industry knowledge across a number of roles in our netball community,” Pieters said.

“She is incredibly well respected, is a Life Member of the North West Netball Region and is actively involved in advocating for netball in Western Australia.”

“I would also like to congratulate Marita on her re-election to the Board.”

“Marita is a household name with netball in our State and I am delighted that she will continue working on our Board.”

The AGM also saw Jill Powell and Shaunne Higgs awarded Netball WA Life Membership.

Powell has been one of the game’s strongest advocates and experienced administrators over the past two decades, while Higgs is one of the State’s best bench officials, having officiated more than 620 matches in the past 20 years.

The meeting was also the final Netball WA AGM for President, Deane Pieters, who has served his maximum term of six years on the Board, five years as Netball WA President.

“It has been an absolute honour and privilege to lead this great sport,” Pieters said.

“Netball in Western Australia has experienced unparalleled growth in recent years, and I am very proud of the strategic reform and transformation we have achieved.”

“As leaders, our job is to nurture what we are given, and when the time comes to depart, we must believe we have passed on something better than we received.”

“I am confident netball in Western Australia will continue to flourish, and I would like to thank the netball community for their unwavering support of myself over the past five years.

Netball WA Chief Executive Officer Simon Taylor thanked Pieters for his service to the sport.

“Deane will be recognised as a key leader in our game’s history,” Taylor said.

“The list of achievements during his tenure as President is incredible, and include the move to the State Netball Centre, overseeing the most significant governance reform in our history, and the delivery of the 2013-18 Strategic Plan key outcomes.”

“I know I speak on behalf of the Netball WA Board, staff and the wider West Australian netball community, when I thank Deane for his immense and selfless contribution to netball in our State.”

Deane will remain in his position as President until May, and will also continue in his role as Chairperson of West Coast Fever.