Membership & Governance Review Update

In 2015, Netball WA undertook a Membership and Governance review across the whole of the sport and engaged members at club, Association and Region levels. Facilitated by McLaughlin Consultancy and supported by Netball Australia and the Department of Sport and Recreation, the review set out to achieve two objectives:

  • To establish a robust governance model to ensure the growth of participation of Netball across both the traditional club environment and non-traditional participation environments.
  • To establish a membership structure which builds capacity, retains revenues and enables greater breadth and reach of the sport across the Western Australian community.

Utilising a range of tools including online surveys, forums and face to face interviews, Netball WA was able to draw input from every level of the sport and hundreds of individuals in positions from players and officials to administrators.

The result was 18 recommendations that address a range of challenges and opportunities across the sport.

The 18 key recommendations have been grouped into four key areas as follows:

  • Role Identification
  • Governance and Planning
  • One Netball Community Model
  • Additional Activities

Having been presented to Netball WA’s Board in January this year and noted, these recommendations will be presented in full at this year’s AGM on the 2nd April where Netball WA will also present the organisation’s implementation strategy across each recommendation.

Each recommendation will require further consideration including, in some instances, the development of a feasibility study and business case to determine the viability or each recommendation and the resources required for further actions.

Netball WA would like to thank all of those clubs, Associations, Regions and individuals for their commitment and contribution throughout the review process. Your input has provided our organisation with a clear understanding of the direction we need to take as an organisation, and has given us confidence in the strength of the recommendations as we take them forward.

Further to the review, Netball WA is also currently undertaking a Census project, the most significant of its kind in our sport’s history. This is a fantastic opportunity for clubs, Associations and Regions to provide input into areas of our game including our events and programs and opportunities for commercialisation. For those of you who have not currently completed the online survey, Netball WA encourages you not to miss this unique opportunity to lend your voice in shaping the future direction of our sport.