Lions trump Flames to record second win

By Mia Mammoliti

After coming off losses in the second week of the season, both the Lions and Flames were in need of a victory in Round 3, when they faced off yesterday afternoon.

The Lions walked away with the points, however were two down in the final term, meaning they had to play with six players on court.

Head Coach Andrea McCulloch admitted it hurt them.

“I’ve got pretty mixed feelings, but it was good to come away with a win,” she said.

“It was certainly a struggle and I don’t think we played at our best, and obviously having an injury right at the end isn’t what we want, but we’ll take the two points and run with them.”

The Flames started the game well, making their mark on the scoreboard first, but Lions quickly fired back and extended their lead to two goals in the opening minutes.

The score evened out late in the quarter, with neither side holding the ball long enough to dominate.

The Lions took a one goal lead into the first break, and an increase in defensive pressure extended their lead to three goals.

Maddi Schultz and Tess Cransberg continued to combine well in the Lions’ goal circle as they skipped out to a five goal lead at the main break.

The Flames struggled to keep up with the Lions in the third term as they were outscored 13 goals to 10, with the Lions taking an eight goal break into three quarter time.

Despite the deficit, the Flames continued to drive, cutting the margin to three goals in the final minutes of the game, however the Lions had done enough to hold onto the lead.

An injury to shooter Maddi Schultz marred the victory for the Lions.

McCulloch said she would seek clarification from officials.

“It’s definitely a disadvantage, especially when it’s a circle defender that gets pulled out, but I think that the six players on court showed great maturity to adjust to that,” she said.

“Obviously it’s really disappointing, and it’s definitely something that we’ll get clarity from the umpires around.”

“We don’t want to be one of those teams that is seen as a team that unnecessarily contacts or obstructs.”

Perth Lions

Maddi Schultz 27/36 (75%)

Tess Cransberg 24/33 (73%)

Wheatbelt Flames

Tanya Anderson 15/25 (60%)

Sarah East 34/41 (83%)