Australia leading the way in umpire training

Becoming an umpire is now a lot easier thanks to an innovative new online umpires course developed by Netball Australia.

Via the click of a button, you can now complete the Level One online Umpire’s Course from the comfort of your own home.

Australia is the first country in the world to move towards an online education course for netball umpires and Netball Australia CEO Kate Palmer said the easy-to-follow program would encourage more people to become umpires.

“This online course will engage with and improve the learning environment for umpires and others who are interested in the game,” Palmer said.

“This will also assist in improving the comprehension and retention of the material and cater for different styles of learning.

“What a wonderful asset and a step in the right direction for netball to deliver this innovation in umpire education.”

The course is now available online and has been designed to assist umpires in achieving the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective umpire and also enjoy their important role in the game.

There are five modules which must be successfully completed that will give umpires one of the pre-requisites for a National C Badge. They are:

  • A Good Umpire;
  • Getting Started;
  • Umpiring Techniques;
  • The Rules in Action;
  • Where to Now?

Each module features videos with Australian Diamonds’ squad members as well as coaches and umpires from all levels.

One of Australia’s leading umpires Michelle Phippard, who features in the videos, said there are plenty of benefits from the online course.

“We’re always looking at ways we can do umpiring better and deliver umpire education,” Phippard said.

“Being online means it’s more accessible for everybody and people can learn the course in a way that’s comfortable to them. It will also encourage a broader spectrum of people to look at course and want to further their involvement in netball as well.

“It will also help to free up the same people who have previously delivered these courses to work closely with umpires in a more hands on capacity.”

The course costs $25 to complete, regardless of location, and Phippard said it’s not just umpires that could benefit.

“Not only is the information provided in the course relevant to umpires; there’s information about the rules and the way that they are applied,” she said. “For players and coaches that’s integral to them doing their jobs better as well.

“For umpires that have started out on their journey and want to know `how can I get better and what are the pathways?’ it’s a good way to stimulate that understanding and inspire you to know where umpiring can take you.”

Click here to find out more information about the Level One Umpires Course and how to enrol.