The Netball WA Community Facilities Fund (CFF) aims to supplement efforts at a strategic level to ensure netball has access to quality facilities to support the future growth of the game. It is the intention of Netball WA that the CFF acts as ‘seed’ funding to attract additional funds to netball facility developments.

Program Priority

The Netball WA Community Facilities Fund is available to all Associations and Clubs affiliated with Netball WA. Funding priority will be given to:

  • Projects that are of strategic value to Netball and align with identified Netball WA Strategic Facility plan objectives; and
  • Projects that maximise additional funds attracted to Netball through either Local, State or Federal Government funding sources.

Grant Types

Large Grants ($2,000 to $10,000)

Types of Projects:

  • Master planning / feasibility studies in association with Local Governments and State Government agencies to gain support for major projects (up to $5,000)
  • Capital facility development & improvements including:
    • Court and facilities establishment/development;
    • Court and facilities improvements that align with the minimum facility guidelines for the relevant level of competition, including support to host Netball WA/WANL competitions. Refer to Netball WA Strategic Facilities Plan and National Facility Policy; or
    • Floodlighting.

Small Grants (less than $2,000)

Types of Projects:

  • Infrastructure equipment such as goal post padding, goalposts and electronic score boards (grant may be no more than 50% of total cost).

Projects requiring special consideration due to their nature (i.e. items not considered essential for participation) may be considered.

Please note that funding for a project that falls under the special consideration category is solely at the discretion of Netball WA.

Funding Arrangements & Conditions

  • Funds are limited and the long-term availability of the fund is not guaranteed.
  • The aim of the Netball WA Community Facilities Fund (CFF) is to ensure funds are allocated on an equitable basis.
  • The aim of the Netball WA CFF is to ensure funds are allocated to those projects that are deemed the highest priority using the Netball WA Strategic Facilities Plan (SFP) and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) Community Sport and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) as guides to determine these priorities.
  • Projects cannot commence prior to receiving grant approval from Netball WA. All projects that have commenced before this time will be deemed ineligible, i.e. this funding is not retrospective.
  • Funds will only be available if used for facilities that meet Australian design standards and meet Local Government statutory building codes and other requirements as outlined in the Netball WA SFP, DLGSC CSRFF and all relevant Netball Australia Guidelines and Policies.
  • Recurring operating costs, and/or equipment (outside of infrastructure equipment) will not be funded and the project must not benefit privately owned facilities.
  • Funds will only be paid upon receipt of a Tax Invoice from the applicant and supporting Tax Receipts indicating the works have been undertaken.
  • Funding requests must not exceed the cash contribution from the applicant.
  • Acknowledgement of the contribution by Netball WA needs to be publicly promoted and a representative of Netball WA must be invited to attend any ‘Official Opening’ function.
  • Associations/Clubs must be affiliated with Netball WA.
  • Associations/Clubs must be incorporated.
  • Other entities (i.e. Local Government) can apply for funding on behalf of an Association or Club which is affiliated with Netball WA.
  • Infrastructure equipment must be purchased through Netball WA preferred suppliers where practical.
  • The applicant must provide a report to Netball WA on completion of the Project.
  • Funding may be given to affiliated netball Associations and Clubs outside of the prescribed funding period at the discretion of the Netball WA CEO.

Application Process & Timelines

The Netball WA Community Facilities Fund grant process has one round each year. In 2019 the grants will be advertised and open in July with successful applicants notified in October.


  • Funding will be promoted through the Netball WA website, Eye on the Ball (Netball WA e-newsletter), Netball WA database, Regional Administrators and Association Primary Contacts.
  • Application forms will be available from Netball WA website.
  • Applicants are required to discuss the project and provide a copy of the plan, detailed costings, evidence of liaison with and submission to Netball WA, DLGSC and their local government & council.


  • Applications must be submitted by prescribed closing date or they will be ineligible for funding.

September – October

  • Netball WA Community Facilities Fund Assessment Panel (FFAP) meets to assesses applications and determine recommendations for funding.
  • FFAP forwards recommendations to Netball WA CEO.
  • Netball WA CEO reviews recommendations and approves/declines these applications
  • Successful/unsuccessful applicants notified in writing.
  • Projects can officially commence.

Lodging Your Application

You must discuss your project with Netball WA and provide copies of your submission and plans in order to be eligible for funding. All enquiries are to be directed to Jo Smith, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Netball WA – jo.smith@netballwa.com.au.

Please complete the Online Application form, submitting with it a completed Project Budget, via the relevant Project Funding template, and any other supporting documentation. Applications which do not address all questions and sections within the application form, and do not provide evidence of consultation, expert advice and /or quotes, may not be considered.

Online Application Form

Community Facilities Fund Project Funding Template (Small Grant)

Community Facilities Fund Project Funding Template (Large Grant)

Assessment Process

The Netball WA Community Facilities Fund Assessment Panel (FFAP) will review all applications and measure them against the assessment criteria. Applications will be ranked in order of importance by the FFAP and an amount of funding will be recommended for any successful application, within the scope of the Netball WA Community Facilities Fund budget.

All applications will then be submitted to the Netball WA CEO for review and approval.

All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing with regards to the outcome of their application.

The criteria for the funding support will include:

Essential Criteria

  • Consistent with Netball WA Strategic Facilities Plan (Large Grants only);
  • Consistent with other relevant Facility Development Plans and/or Facility Needs Reports (Large Grants only);
  • Local Government approval for project obtained (Large Grants only);
  • Benefit to applicant and Netball clearly communicated and agreed with;
  • Project Delivery within two (2) years of funding approval;
  • Netball WA Community Facilities Fund grant matched dollar for dollar by applicant.

Desirable Criteria

  • Eligibility for funding through the CRSFF Program (Large Grants only);
  • Participation in the Netball Community Raffle.