Netball Australia, in conjunction with Netball WA and the other Member Organisations, has developed this new MyNetball technology platform to improve our sport.

The new system boasts a range of great features that will benefit everyone from players, to umpires and coaches, committees and fans, and connect the netball community like never before.




Follow the steps below to ensure that the high volume of queries is spread across our system, and that accurate answers are provided in the quickest possible timeframe.

Step 1: Clubs officials are the first contact point for individual queries regarding MyNetball. Every club is different and they are the ones armed with the best information to assist their own members. Each club should ensure their members know who the club official is who deals with MyNetball queries. Please DO NOT advise your members to contact Netball WA directly.

Step 2: Club officials requiring further MyNetball information should deal with directly with their Association contact. Once again, as every club has different Policies and Procedures, Associations are in the best position to assist.

Step 3: If an Association contact is unable to answer a club query, they can contact Jaime-Leigh Strickland at Netball WA for advice or further information.

Jaime-Leigh Strickland | Netball WA Member Services – MyNetball

Office: +61 8 9380 3700 | Direct: +61 8 9380 3716 | Email:

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