The Australia Post One Netball program consists of a range of local, State and National initiatives that builds the capacity of the netball community to engage and support new communities, as well as welcoming newcomers to netball. One Netball connects the growing and changing Australian community with our game.

From the sidelines to the centre circle, from your Clubhouse to the Australian Netball Diamonds, everyone has a role to play in creating fair, safe and inclusive netball communities for all Australians. There are many ways that you can get involved with One Netball, from increasing your awareness of inclusive Club practices to supporting important campaigns that promote and celebrate diversity. Here are just a few One Netball initiatives that you can learn more about at

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Netball WA is committed to providing equal opportunities to players, coaches, umpires and officials of all abilities. We will be working with the Associations and clubs on becoming Inclusive over the coming years, linking you with community organizations, disability support groups, and government resources.

Netball Australia coaching courses contain relevant inclusive content to ensure understanding from the coaching level on how to adapt sessions for players with all abilities, increasing the involvement of people with disabilities in netball.

Providing opportunities for people with disabilities is about introducing more people to the sport of netball and promoting the benefits of an active and social lifestyle. With Netball WA working on the further development of these opportunities in local associations we are looking to everyone involved enjoying the benefits of being an Inclusive Association.

For further information on the Netball WA Inclusion Program- Disability, please contact: Inclusion Officer Nicole Rendell on (08) 9380 3736 or on


Click here for an updated copy of the Netball WA Disability Policy

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Click here to be taken to more information about coaching athletes with disabilities

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For more information, please contact Netball WA’s Community Engagement Team.