Carnival Sanctioning

All carnivals offered by Regions, Associations, Clubs and other organisations affiliated with Netball WA will need to be sanctioned through submitting the Carnival Sanctioning Form below.

For sanction approval, all participants and organisers must have the appropriate level of insurance coverage through:

  • Being an affiliated member to Netball WA
  • The use of Single Game Vouchers (SGV) for unaffiliated members

Sanctioning of a carnival ensures that all carnivals played in Western Australia are conducted in a safe and professional manner, and comply with the respective International Netball Federation (INF) Official Rules of Netball and Netball WA’s Constitution, By-Laws and policies.

Please be aware that if you do not notify Netball WA of your carnival and play unaffiliated participants, the carnival is therefore NOT sanctioned and NO insurance coverage will be recognised for all the participants and organisers (e.g. insurance is then void for individuals who have participated in Winter competitions).

It is important for Associations to communicate this information and the Carnival Sanctioning Form to all clubs so they are aware of the requirement and implications of running and un-sanctioned carnival.

The dates and details for all carnivals will be advertised on the Netball WA website and calendar.  If any changes occur to the details below, please notify Netball WA as soon as possible.

Carnival Sanctioning Form

For further information with regards to Carnival Sanctioning please contact Kate Bond, Member Services Coordinator, on 9380 3744 or via email on

Single Game Vouchers

The Single Game Voucher (SGV) is available for those players and officials (including coaches and umpires) who play/officiate only one or two games per netball season and are therefore not individual members and are not covered under the Netball Risk Protection Program.

To affect insurance coverage the individual must purchase a SGV from their Region/Association.  It is the responsibility of each Region/Association to inform participants regarding the SGV conditions, including the cost and their intended purpose, noting the SGV system is not intended to replace membership.  Regions/Associations are required to develop their own policy regarding the number of games available to players and officials under the SGV system.

Please note: A SGV does not entitle the purchaser to access Netball WA member benefits and services.

SGV Booklets
  • Booklets are ordered directly from Netball WA by completing the Single Game Voucher Book order form below and must be paid for in advance;
  • The booklets consist of 20 vouchers at a cost of $180.00 (GST Inc.);
  • Booklets may be purchased at any time during the season;
  • The Region/Association MUST forward the completed voucher stub to Kate Bond, Member Services Coordinator, for recording purposes (in case of an insurance claim, these records will be referred to);
  • The Region/Association is responsible for selling and distributing the vouchers to players;
  • If all the vouchers have not been sold in the year of purchase, they may be used in the following year.
Players and officials
  • The voucher is valid for ONE MATCH only;
  • Players and officials must purchase and complete all details on the voucher prior to taking the court;
  • Players and officials purchasing a voucher are to be provided with the receipt tear off slip;
  • Fees are non-refundable and cannot be used as part payment for full membership;
  • Players and officials are not eligible for any other member benefit other than the insurance on that day;
  • Single Game Vouchers cannot be used in the WA Netball League Competition for participation as a Player or Official, with the exception of primary carers.
Injuries and Insurance Claims
  • All Injuries must be reported to the Region/Association at the time of injury;
  • Details of the injury must be entered on the back of the voucher stub;
  • A copy of the stub must be submitted together with a completed injury claim form to Willis Australia.

Single Game Voucher Book Order Form

For further information with regards to Single Game Vouchers please contact Kate Bond, Member Services Coordinator, on 9380 3744 or via email on