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Template Association Constitution & Explanatory Notes

In line with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (the Act), and to make the transition in bringing Association constitutions up to date and in line with the Act, Netball WA have developed a template Association constitution.

The template can be used in its entirety with the highlighted sections required to be filled out with the Association’s specific information/requirements or sections of it can be added to existing constitutions to bring them in line with the Act.

Whilst the document has been heavily scrutinised and Netball WA have been informed that it does comply with the Act, we advise anyone utilising the template to do their due diligence prior to submitting the completed document to the Department of Commerce. If any changes are made to the template Netball WA recommends that legal advice is obtained prior to submitting the finished document.

Please click here to download the Template Netball Association Constitution Explanatory Notes Memo.

Please click here to download the Template Netball Association Constitution.

For any questions on these documents please contact Mark Watton, Netball WA Member Services Manager on 9380 3742 or via email on

Online Association Information Form

Please click here to complete the Online Association Information Form.

2018 Association Key Affiliation Dates

2018 Small Country Association Criteria

An Association that affiliates as a Small Country Association must ensure that they meet the following criteria:

  • a Country Association with 150 members or less;
  • be financial with Netball WA to be eligible for the Small Country Association affiliation category;
  • read and sign the Small Country Association Application for Affiliation Renewal Agreement and return it to Netball WA by COB Wednesday 15 March 2018;
  • pay the Association Affiliation Renewal fee of $165.00 (GST incl.) by COB Wednesday 15 March 2018;
  • complete the Online Association Information Form by COB Wednesday 15 March 2018;

Please note:

  • all Affiliations include the Netball Australia Affiliation fee, insurance and a small administration cost;
  • Small Country Associations may compete in the Smarter than Smoking Association Championships (please note that Small Country Associations will be required to pay a higher team entry fee than Full Associations);

2018 Short Season Competition Criteria


Associations wishing to conduct a Short Season (eg. Spring) Competition must ensure that they meet the following criteria:

  • Spring/Summer competitions must commence after 1 September 2018 and finish prior to 31 March 2019;
  • Competitions MUST NOT form part of any main winter competition;
  • Details of your Short Season Competition must be completed via the Online Association Information Form LINK and include:
    • Competition type (senior, junior, mixed, social etc.);
    • Start and Finish dates of competition;
    • Day/s of the week that the competition will be conducted on;
    • Facility were competition will be held;
    • Estimated number of clubs and/or teams participating;
  • This membership will only be available for those members who are affiliating for the stated season and are not already affiliated through the same, or another, Association for the winter competitions;
  • All NEW Short Season members must be registered in MyNetball as per the MyNetball registration procedures prior to the commencement of the competition. This will ensure these NEW members receive insurance coverage;
  • All current Netball WA members are registered for the Short Season competition as a Secondary registration. Members already affiliated with Netball WA WILL NOT be charged a second affiliation fee however, we do require their secondary registration so an individual’s full playing history can be recorded;

Please note:

  • NetSetGO is a Participant Program and IS NOT a Membership Category (please refer to point 2.8.7 (ii) of the Application for Affiliation Renewal Agreement for further details).

New Association Affiliation Process

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Region and Association Contact List

Please click here for the 2017 Region and Association Contact List.


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