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Umpire Key Information


– NWA Sport Development Coordinator for the STSAC Umpires is Deb Poole;
– Umpire tops can be collected by an Association Umpire representative from the Programs Room on Saturday morning;
– If an umpire is missing from a court, the team manager / coach must contact their own Association Umpire Coordinator;
– All games shall consist of two 15-minute halves, with a three-minute interval;
– Umpires are to check scores at half time and at full time;
– Both umpires and both team captains are to sign the scorecard;
– Open 1 and 2 umpires must hold a minimum National B Badge;
– NWA will allocate finals, please put your name down with Deb Poole as to your availability.

Opening Ceremony


  1. The Opening Ceremony will be held on Saturday 2 June 2018 at Perth Arena prior to the commencement of the SSN Game (approximately 6:30pm);
  2. Associations will be required to provide one representative dressed in their Association uniform to represent them courtside at the opening ceremony. Further details will be supplied closer to the date.
  3. Each Association is to send the name of One representative for the Opening Ceremony to by C.O.B 30 Wednesday 2018.

  4. There will be no banners or flags during the Opening Ceremony this year.

  5. The representative will be required to meet at Perth Arena between 5:45pm – 5:50pm at Entry B, in full playing uniform with sandshoes on.

  6. The representative must bring their ticket with them to gain entry. No ticket will mean no entry. Please try to leave your bag with someone else as this cannot be taken onto the court with you and there is no safe storage area. 

  7. Opening ceremony will commence at 6:30pm so please be seated early.

Perth Arena & Event Security


People attending the West Coast Fever match are advised not to bring any bags greater than an A4 sized piece of paper with them.

Any bags greater than this will be required to be admitted to the cloak room, slowing down the entry process for patrons.

Please note all bags go through a security check point and will be inspected.

Perth Arena Doors will open at 6:00pm.

Car Parking & Traffic Management


– NWA and Perth Netball Association work with the Town of Cambridge to develop a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan to ensure the safe and effective movement of all participants and spectators from cars and buses to and from the venue;
– Limited number of parking spaces are available on site and large buses and coaches WILL NOT be permitted to park in this area;
– An overflow car parking area for these larger and other vehicles is available at Perry Lakes/Garden Week site (opposite Rugby WA, Basketball WA). All metropolitan teams are encouraged to use alternative transport or car pool to assist with car parking demand;
– Additional information regarding how the parking and traffic management arrangements will operate will be provided in the coming weeks.

Click here to view a comprehensive overview of the Car Parking & Traffic Management information.

Perth Netball Association and State Netball Centre Gates/Doors Open

Gates & doors will open at the following times:

  • Saturday 7:00am
  • Sunday 7:30am
  • Monday 7:00am

No entry will be allowed prior to this time. 

Smoke Free Event


Please note the STSAC is a Smoke Free Event, therefore no smoking is permitted on the grounds, in tents or in buildings.

First Aid & Strapping Station


First Aid services and a strapping station will be available on the grounds at the State Netball Centre and Perth Netball Association. The Strapping service for the 2018 Smarter than Association Championships will be conducted by Darch Physio. Darch Physio provide the Physio for the West Coast Fever team and the WA State 17U team. The price list can be found here.

Sun Protection


– A supply of sunscreen will be available from the Match Office at Perth Netball Association and the NWA Community Netball Marquee.
– Teams and Associations are also encouraged to bring their own supply of sunscreen.

Competition Rules & Regulations for Umpires



Rules for the STSAC shall be as dictated by the Official Rule Book of 2018, unless otherwise stated.


All games shall consist of two 15-minute halves, with a three-minute interval between the two halves.


  1. Injury time applies as per Official Rule Book page 46:
    1. The player concerned must leave the court within 30 seconds and receive any treatment off the court
  2. The timer will not hold time during this time due to games requiring to start and finish on time;
  3. In the event of a serious injury where an athlete cannot be moved (i.e. unconscious, suspected spinal etc) then the match office is to be notified immediately (Perth Netball Association match office for outdoor courts and SNC match office for indoor courts). Where possible the game will be moved.


  1. For records, talent identification and insurance purposes, the names of participating players must be recorded on each scorecard prior to the commencement of the corresponding game;
  2. Penalty for adding a name after the commencement of the game shall be forfeiture of the game; c) The first mentioned team shall provide the score card (supplied in team packs) and a scorer for the game;
  3. The second mentioned team shall provide the timekeeper and timer (suitable timers must be used – not watches or phones);
  4. The scorer and timer must stand together (opposite the centre circle on the side line) throughout the match and compare scores and time to avoid any discrepancies;
  5. Second mentioned team is required to provide a backup when the timekeeper follows the umpire to avoid any discrepancies during this time frame;
  6. Umpires are to check scores at half time and at full time to ensure there are no discrepancies;
  7. Both umpires and both team captains are to sign the scorecard;
  8. Scores on the signed scorecards will stand, no further discussion will be entered into;
  9. The winning team is to return the scorecard to the score box near the Match Office immediately after each game – outside courts (Perth Netball Association match office) and SNC indoor courts (SNC Match Office);
  10. Please collect official score card from the relevant Match Offices for FINALS.



  1. To qualify to play in finals, players must have participated in a minimum of three games for their Association during the Championship (it is not necessary that the three games be played in a single age division);
  2. The first mentioned team shall collect official score card from the Match Office for finals and shall provide the scorer. The second-mentioned team shall provide the timekeeper, back up timekeeper and timer;
  3. In the event of a draw in a finals game, there shall be a one-minute break, during which time the umpires shall confirm with the scorer and timekeeper that the game is a draw;
  4. Teams shall remain in their positions while the scorecard is checked;
  5. Positional changes may not be made at this time;
  6. The game shall recommence with the centre pass being taken by the team due to take the centre pass and the game shall proceed until one team has scored a two-goal advantage;
  7. The scorer shall alert the umpires when this has occurred;
  8. International teams will be eligible to compete in the finals.



  1. Teams in all divisions are required to provide a qualified umpire for their own games as per the umpire criteria and competencies as outlined below:
    1. Open 1 and 2 umpires must hold a minimum National B Badge
    2. All other divisions Open 3 to 12/U must hold a minimum National C Badge
    3. All umpires participating MUST be a registered NWA member prior to the commencement of the STSAC.
  2. NWA will allocate umpires for the finals from those umpires registered by each Association;
  3. If there are any queries regarding umpiring matters during a game, please go to the Match Office at Perth Netball Association where staff will call for a supervisor before the game ends.