Opening Ceremony


  1. The Opening Ceremony will be held on Saturday 1 June 2019 at the Wembley Sports Park Precinct prior to the commencement of Fuel to Go & Play Association Championships on Courts 16 & 17 at 9:00am. All teams and officials are to meet on Court 6 & 7 and will be directed by Netball WA staff where they sit.
  2. Associations will be required to provide two representatives dressed in their Association uniform to represent them courtside at the Opening Ceremony. Flag bearers and banner holders to meet in the State Netball Centre on Court 2 by 8:30am and will be directed by Netball WA staff.
  3. Spectators are welcome to stand around Courts 5 & 18 to view the Opening Ceremony

Umpire Attire & Fuel to Go & Play Association Championships Umpire Shirts


  1. Umpires must be dressed appropriately in white sports gear and sports shoes and must wear the umpire shirt provided by NWA. Please do not wear Association colours when umpiring your own team;
  2. Should an umpire not be suitably dressed the team will be required to find a suitable replacement (or forfeit the game);
  3. NWA provide umpires participating in the Fuel to Go & Play Association Championships with a sponsor branded shirt.  Umpires are required to wear this shirt when umpiring. Collection of these shirts is to be made on Saturday morning from the NWA Community marquee. There will be a range of sizes available for distribution based on the Umpire nomination form. If an umpire is only umpiring for one (1) day we ask the Umpire/AUDO to pass on the shirt to another umpire, as there is a limited amount.

Car Parking & Traffic Management


  1. NWA and Perth Netball Association work with the Town of Cambridge to develop a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan to ensure the safe and effective movement of all participants and spectators from cars and buses to and from the venue;
  2. Limited number of parking spaces are available on site and ALL buses and coaches WILL NOT be permitted to park in this area;
  3. An overflow car parking area will be located at Perry Lakes Reserve opposite the WA Basketball Centre and Rugby WA Stadium on Underwood Ave, Floreat. Please refer to directions to Overflow Car Park map below. A complimentary shuttle bus service will depart every 10-15 minutes from Perry Lakes Reserve to Wembley Sports Park. The shuttle bus will drop off and pick up passengers from the designated area in Carpark 3 (State Netball Centre).
  4. A second overflow carpark will be located at Henderson Park with the entrance to this carpark from Jersey St in Jolimont.
  5. Please be advised that Town of Cambridge Rangers will be onsite monitoring all car parks and should you illegally park you will receive an infringement. Netball WA recommends you read all signs or park at Perry Lakes Reserve.

Overall Wembley Sports Park site map with parking options

Directions to Perry Lakes overflow carpark

Smoke Free Event


  1. Please note the Fuel to Go & Play Association Championships is a Smoke Free Event, therefore no smoking is permitted on the grounds, in tents or in buildings.

First Aid & Strapping Station


  1. First Aid services will be provided by St John Ambulance and a strapping station provided by Darch Physio, will be located in the Athletes Village.
  2. Costs for strapping are as follows:

    Ankle                   $5 per ankle

    Foot                     $5 per foot

    Basic Knee          $5 per knee

    Full Knee            $10 per knee

    Shoulder            $10 per shoulder

    Elbow                  $10 per elbow

    Wrist/Thumb     $3 per wrist/thumb

    Rigid Tape          $15 per roll

    $2 discount for BYO tape.

Closing Ceremony


  1. Presentations will take place in the State Netball Centre on Monday 3 June 2019 immediately following the conclusion of all finals (approximately 2.10pm);
  2. Winning teams are asked to assemble on court 3 ready to be directed onto court 1, with other teams and spectators positioned in the grandstands;
  3. Only the winning team of each final will receive awards at the closing ceremony. However, should an International team win a Final (please refer to Competition Regulations), the runner up Western Australian team will also be recognised and a presentation will be made to the team as part of the presentations at the conclusion of the Fuel to Go & Play Association Championships.
  4. The Closing Ceremony for the Boys Division will be held on Saturday 1st June at approximately 4pm on Court 4 of the SNC.
  5. The Closing Ceremony for the No Limits Division will be on Sunday 2nd June at approximately 3pm on Court 1 of the SNC.

Sun Protection


  1. A supply of sunscreen will be available from the Match Office at Perth Netball Association and the NWA Community Netball Marquee.
  2. Teams and Associations are also encouraged to bring their own supply of sunscreen.

Competition Rules & Regulations