Opening Ceremony


  1. The Opening Ceremony will be held on Saturday 1 June 2019 at the Wembley Sports Park Precinct prior to the commencement of Fuel to Go & Play Association Championships;
  2. Associations will be required to provide two representatives dressed in their Association uniform to represent them courtside at the opening ceremony. Further details will be supplied closer to the date. Associations will be encouraged to bring their Association banner with them to the Opening Ceremony.

Car Parking & Traffic Management


  1. NWA and Perth Netball Association work with the Town of Cambridge to develop a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan to ensure the safe and effective movement of all participants and spectators from cars and buses to and from the venue;
  2. Limited number of parking spaces are available on site and large buses and coaches WILL NOT be permitted to park in this area;
  3. An overflow car parking area for these larger and other vehicles is available at Perry Lakes/Garden Week site (opposite Rugby WA, Basketball WA). All metropolitan teams are encouraged to use alternative transport or car pool to assist with car parking demand;
  4. Additional information regarding how the parking and traffic management arrangements will operate will be provided in the coming weeks.

Smoke Free Event


  1. Please note the Fuel to Go & Play Association Championships is a Smoke Free Event, therefore no smoking is permitted on the grounds, in tents or in buildings.

Community Netball


  1. Over the Fuel to Go & Play Association Championships please visit the NWA Community Netball Marquee for more details on talent identification, coaching and umpiring information including accreditation courses, coach and umpire education workshops and community engagement programs.