Following a comprehensive review of Netball WA’s Governance and Membership model, conducted in 2015 McLaughlin Sports Consultancy, the governing body has commenced the delivery process of implementing a number of the 18 key recommendations handed down by the review. Having already adjusted the Suncorp NetSetGO renewal rate and removed the non-playing membership fee, Netball WA will continue to engage relevant stakeholders in the rollout of further recommendations across the next 12 months. Clear and transparent communication will be a central component of this process and, as a result, this dedicated portal has been established to ensure all stakeholders remain informed and up to date on all progress and developments related to the project. Below you will find relevant documentation, as well as a list of delivered, ongoing and upcoming communications and engagement opportunities in relation to the Governance and Membership Review.  

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate Netball WA Staff listed below.

Communications and Engagement
Liz Booth
General Manager – Community Netball
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All other enquiries
Liz Booth
General Manager – Community Netball
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Netball WA Governance and Membership Review Timeframe
A Letter to the West Australian Netball Community

2020 Netball WA Affiliation, Individual Membership & Participation Fee Structure

Please click here to download the memorandum regarding the 2020 Netball WA Affiliation Membership Participation Fee Structure

Constitutional Reform Update 2018

The Netball WA Board met on 22 January and agreed to the recommendation from the Governance and Risk committee to alter the number of elected and appointed directors back to the current position of the Association – 2 appointed and 5 elected.  This has come off the back of extensive consultation with the Netball WA  members.  A number of small grammatical and spelling errors were also adjusted to the latest draft version.

Draft Netball WA Constitution updated 23/01/18
Netball WA Constitutional changes updated 23/01/18
Membership Policy
Membership and Affiliation Procedures 2019
Constitutional Reform Additional Information
Board Skills Matrix
Conflict of Interest Register Netball WA

Governance & Membership Review Frequently Asked Questions
Netball WA Governance & Membership Review FAQs
Governance & Membership Review Figure 5

Netball WA Regional Office Structure
Netball WA Regional Office Structure Outline
Regional Network Map 2019 -2020
Career Opportunities 

Draft Netball WA Competition Framework Summary

Constitutional Reform December 2017

Proposed Constitutional Reform

During the Netball WA Board and Executive meeting on 14-15 July, the model and timeframe for proposed reform to the Netball WA Constitution was an important topic of discussion. The Netball WA Constitution, as it stands, requires reform in order to comply with changes to the Incorporations Act however, with proposed governance reform also in the works, there is an opportunity to ensure that these two major projects complement each other in their implementation.

Below is some further information on the background of the Constitutional reform project, as well as an outline of the proposed option and timeline for implementation.

Netball WA is about to commence the process of reviewing its Constitution.  The review has two purposes:
1. to implement the outcomes of the Membership and Governance Review; and
2. to implement the necessary compliance requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA).

When considering how to implement Netball WA’s Constitutional reform, the Board had three options to consider:
1. amend the current constitution; or
2. repeal and replaces the current constitution – using the Department of Commerce model rules as the starting point; or
3. repeal and replaces the current constitution – using a bespoke template as the starting point and developing a specialised constitution to meet all of the above needs.

The Board agreed, following consultation with the Governance and Risk Committee, that the third option would best meet the needs of the membership, and the organisation, going forward:

Proposed Option – Replace current NWA Constitution with a new specialised Constitution
• The document will be completely fit for purpose.
• It will not have to include rules just because they form part of a model or template.
• It can ensure the drafting is as simple and direct as possible.
• It can choose the most intuitive structure and flow of the document.
• The whole document will reflect and align with our membership and board structures.
• Netball WA will engage the resources and knowledge of a legal firm in the development of the document to ensure it is both compliant, and aligned with best practice.

The new Netball WA Constitution will be developed with the aid of best practice governance guidelines and principles as outlined in the following two documents.

Sports Governance Principles – Australian Sports Commission
Mandatory Sports Governance Principles – Australian Sports Commission
Good Governance Principles and Guidance for Not for Profit Organisation – Australian Institute of Company Directors

The timeframe outlining the engagement and consultation process and document review process can be found below. As we embark on this important process in conjunction with our membership and key stakeholders, we encourage everybody to take the opportunities available to provide their invaluable feedback, so that we may design a document that ensures the future strength of our game.

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Membership and Governance Review Summary
The Recommendations Report published on the Governance and Membership Review portal was incorporated in the broader report tabled to the Netball WA Board for noting by McLaughlin Sports Consultancy. While they were not obligated to do so, the Board agreed to release the recommendations publicly. Given the sensitive nature of the information included in the Preliminary Findings and Opportunities and Focus Session Findings Summary papers, neither of these are available for public consumption. If you have further questions or queries related specifically to these two papers, these can be directed to Netball WA General Manager – Community Netball, Liz Booth, via the contact details below.

Communications & Engagement Schedule

To be updated

CEO Insights Extracts

July 2019

Strategic Planning

I would like to commence this edition by congratulating new Netball WA President, Grant Robinson. Grant joined the Board in July last year and has also acted as Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee. Boasting a wealth of experience across a range of industries, Grant currently holds key roles on a number of WA Boards, and was Senior Partner at KPMG for more than 30 years. Grant has been a fantastic asset for the Board over the past year, and we are delighted that he will continue to bring his passion, expertise and leadership to the Presidency. Grant was elected President following the Annual General Meeting earlier this year, which saw the election of Natasha Aristei to the Board for a three-year term, and the re-election of Marita Somerford for a one-year term.

In congratulating Grant, it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge the significant contribution made to netball by outgoing President, Deane Pieters. Deane has recently completed his six-year term on the Netball WA Board, five of which he served as President. Deane oversaw a number of achievements during his tenure, and I have no doubt that he will be recognised as a key leader in our game’s history. His strategic direction, leadership, passion and advocacy for netball are unparalleled, and we have been very fortunate to have been able to call on his expertise over the past six years. On behalf of the Board, staff and wider West Australian netball community, I thank Deane for his immense and selfless contribution to netball in our State. Deane’s affiliation with netball will continue through his role as West Coast Fever Chairperson.

The Netball WA Board is currently reviewing the skills gap ahead of seeking to identify the appropriate candidate to fill the vacant Appointed Director position. The Netball WA and West Coast Fever Boards are also in the process of commencing planning for 2020 and beyond. The West Coast Fever Board and Executive Staff met on Monday last week to discuss a number of strategic priorities for the Club, while the Netball WA Board and Executive met for two days earlier this week.

One of the key projects for 2019-2020 will be to follow on from the Governance & Membership Review, with a review of the membership model. Further information on this process will be circulated in the coming weeks.


Netball in WA and the Gold Industry Group

In April this year, Netball WA, West Coast Fever and Shooting Stars announced an exciting partnership with the Gold Industry Group. This partnership will see the Gold Industry Group commit $5 million to netball in WA over the next three years, in a record partnership deal. This is the largest investment in our 95-year history, and will provide valuable funding for all levels of the sport in our State. The Gold Industry Group is a not-for-profit, member-based industry association dedicated to collectively championing, growing and supporting the gold sector and the wider community in Australia.

The partnership has seen the Gold Industry Group become the Principal Partner of Netball WA, an Elite Partner of West Coast Fever and the first Premier Partner of Shooting Stars. Additionally, the Gold Industry Group also hold the naming rights to the West Australian Netball League. If you missed April’s announcement, you can read the full media release here. On the subject of Gold Industry Group WANL, I would also like to acknowledge the Peel Lightning Netball Club, who will join the competition in the Open and 20U divisions from next year. The full announcement can be found here.

In late November this year, we will be running two Gold Industry Group leadership camps. These will be run over two days, and include a camp for Tier 1 Associations Presidents and Primary Contacts and another camp for Aboriginal Grassroots Sites leaders. More information on both of these camps will be disseminated in the coming months.



Netball in Western Australia is again proud to support NAIDOC Week and this year’s theme of Voice. Treaty. Truth. This week is highlighted by the NAIDOC Netball Carnival, which will be held on Wednesday, July 10. We are incredibly proud to host this event, which we believe is the largest Indigenous participation event in Australia. This year’s carnival will also boast a special touch, as we play with a bespoke netball, designed by Narrogin Grassroots Site and Shooting Stars participant, Shontae Jetta. This ball was made possible by our strong partnership with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia, promoting the Belt Up message. More information on the ball’s meaning and pictures of the design can be found here. We are still accepting team registrations, and more information can be found here.

The week will also be celebrated in the Gold Industry Group West Australian Netball League through a dedicated NAIDOC Round. I would like to acknowledge the Southside Demons who will wear a bespoke dress for the game, which was designed by a number of their athletes and led by Josie Janz-Dawson.

We also urge your clubs and Associations to celebrate NAIDOC Week, following the mid-season break. A number of clubs and Associations have informed us of their activities to celebrate the week, and I encourage you to contact to let us know how your clubs and Associations are supporting the theme of Voice. Treaty. Truth this year.


Netball at the Grassroots

At the grassroots level, netball continues to flourish. We will again host Suncorp NetSetGO Week from 15-19 July, which is highlighted by the Fun Day on July 17. We will again engage with a number of Associations across the week through school holiday clinics to continue to raise awareness about the program. Western Australia continues to be a strong advocate for the Suncorp NetSetGO program, with participant numbers closing in on our 18,500 target for 2019.

The Fuel to Go and Play Association Championships were again held across the June long weekend, with 267 teams from 40 Associations across the State making the most of glorious weather for three days. The Championships again celebrated the diversity of the sport, with the No Limits Division proving a highlight, as Southern Districts claimed their first title, while Kalamunda & Districts won both Boys’ Divisions. It was fantastic to see a number of regional Associations travel long distances to join us for the weekend, while a special acknowledgement must be made to our friends from Singapore, who this year entered a record 15 teams. I would also like to acknowledge Fremantle Netball Association who claimed eight titles, including the prestigious Open Division 1. A special mention must also be made to Bridgetown Netball Association who had the highest winning percentage, entering three teams, two of which won titles. You can read more information here.


Healthway & WASCA

As you are aware, Netball WA has announced a two-year partnership with Healthway to promote the Fuel to Go and Play message throughout junior competitions and netball venues across Western Australia. Netball WA acknowledges that obesity continues to be a major public health issue in WA, and this partnership provides significant opportunities to promote good health initiatives and develop supportive policies to improve the health of the netball community.

Part of Netball WA’s funding is the implementation of a Healthy Environment Strategy, which aims to improve the healthy food and beverage options available to the netball community. With the support of the WA School Canteen Association (WASCA) we aim to provide support and resourcing to Associations to assist Canteens making the healthy choice as an easier choice.

WASCA are very experienced at working with Sporting Associations including Football West and Little Athletics to achieve significant health and financial outcomes for food vendors. We recognise that each Association is different, so each Healthy Environment Strategy will be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of each canteen. The process with WASCA will be consultative and collaborative to achieve incremental and realistic targets over the two year funded program. They will also be available for ongoing support and guidance throughout the duration of the partnership.

Further information regarding Healthway’s Healthy Environment Strategy will be sent to all Associations within the next week and we look forward to Associations engaging with Netball WA, Healthway and WASCA in this very important project.


West Coast Fever

With the Suncorp Super Netball season now on hold for four weeks for the Netball World Cup, it’s provided an opportunity for West Coast Fever players, coaches and staff to stop and reflect on the first half of the season. We acknowledge that we haven’t had the results we would have liked in the first half of the year, but are committed to inspiring and making you proud, regardless of the result. We have seen good crowd numbers to our four home games thus far, and are confident that these will continue into the final three home games after the World Cup break. We would love to see as many clubs and Associations to our games as possible, and with special group discounts, we are committed to making Fever games as accessible as possible for our netball community. For more information, and to book tickets, please contact our Membership and Ticketing Team on 9380 3700.

September 2018

Regional Structure Update
All draft Netball WA Regional Office budgets have been included as part of the overall Community Netball budget and have been submitted for final approval. Additionally, the Community Netball, and more specifically, the Netball WA Regional Office Organisation Structures have been drafted and close to finalisation. The position descriptions for the three proposed Regional Office Positions (Membership Coordinator, Development Coordinator and Officials Coordinator) have been finalised and will be disseminated at the start of the recruitment process, which will commence in October.

Additionally, Netball WA has completed the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries (DLGSCI) 2019 Regional Servicing Grant applications for all Netball WA Country Regional Offices, namely, Great Southern, South West, Peel, Wheatbelt-Goldfields, Midwest-Gascoyne and North West. Confirmation of this funding will be known before the end of the year and will form part of the overall Regional Office budgets. Netball WA has signed the DLGSCI Sportshouse Agreement for 2019-2021, allowing Netball WA Regional Office personnel to be housed at the various locations throughout the State, if required.

Regional/Association meetings will be held across the next few months to bring everyone up to date with the components of the Regional Office implementation.

The Netball WA Board met on September 17, and reviewed the proposed Affiliation, Membership and Participation Fees (Fees) for 2019. It is expected that confirmation of the 2019 Fees will now occur following the Board’s November meeting. I will, however, write to all Regions and Associations next week to provide an indicative outline of the Fee Structure and the process for their conformation in November. A new Netball WA Membership Policy and Schedule has been developed to underpin the new Netball WA Constitution (dated May 22). Additionally, a new Annual Association Affiliation Agreement and updated online Agreement Form has been drafted and will be approved at the November Board meeting and disseminated in December to all Netball WA Associations in December.

June 2018
West Australian Netball League and Expressions of Interest Process
With the 2018 West Australian Netball League now underway, we have continued to progress the planning for the future of the competition. Expressions of Interest for a 2019-2021 licence have now closed, and it’s exciting to report that we have had eight applications submitted. The WANL Assessment and Selection Panel will now work through these applications over the next month, before the Netball WA Board ratifies the selections in late July. Up to eight licences will be awarded, and the Clubs will be notified in early August. I would like to take this opportunity to everyone who has played a role in submitting either a Form A Application, or a full application.

We have already seen some outstanding netball across the first month of the 2018 WANL season, and it’s clear that the standard of netball has never been higher. We’re also finalising our preparations for Indigenous Round, which will run over the course of Round 7, while Belt Up Round and the highly anticipated History and Heritage Round is on the horizon as well. The history of WANL will also be at the centre of the 2018 Jill McIntosh Medal on October 20, and I encourage you to start spreading the word amongst your respective Clubs to save the date and join in the celebrations.

Last weekend was also an historic moment for WANL, as we launched the Men’s Division. The West Coast Warriors, South East Demons and two teams from the Men’s and Mixed Netball Association, competing as the Lions and Flames, took to the court for the first time at the State Netball Centre. It was an exciting moment for the League, and showcased the pathway that we have created for men to play netball.

May 2018
West Australian Netball League 2019 – 2021
Late last month, myself and Netball WA President Deane Pieters penned a letter to the West Australian netball community outlining the significant changes to our sport at a strategic governance level, all of which will have a significant and positive impact on the future of netball. Part of this letter described the changes to the West Australian Netball League (WANL), and as you would be aware, we are currently working through the Expressions of Interest (EOI) for WANL licences for 2019-2021. Excitingly, we are now working with the 11 entities who have submitted initial EOIs for the new competition, comprising of existing WANL clubs, Netball WA Associations and Clubs, universities and other sporting organisations. The EOI process will conclude on June 22, with clubs to be formally advised of the outcomes in early August.

Our letter also detailed our request for the corporate community of Western Australia to back netball. WANL is still seeking a naming rights partner, and with this new-look competition on the horizon, the opportunities for exposure, integration and engagement with our market are endless. I strongly urge you to consider, or through your contacts, seek to present this opportunity to partner with Netball WA. Netball is well positioned to continue to be the leader in women’s sport, and with greater recognition and profile than ever before, now is the time to join our exciting journey. You can read the full letter here. For more information, please contact our Commercial Team on 9380 3700.

March 2018

Annual General Meeting

Last Saturday we held one of our most significant Annual General Meetings in recent history at the State Netball Centre. Always a key member engagement weekend, this year’s AGM held extra importance, with Delegates from the 11 Netball WA Regions voting in favour of accepting the new Netball WA Constitution. This vote should not be underestimated, and is one of the most significant changes to the sport’s governance in its history.

On January 1, 2019, a new tiered system for Associations will form the basis of who holds voting rights, with Associations classed as Tier 1 to have the right to vote. Additionally, the change will also see Netball WA staff in three metropolitan offices, and the establishment of offices in the North West, Midwest-Gascoyne, Wheatbelt-Goldfields, Great Southern, South West and Peel.

This reform and new structure has firmly cemented netball as one of the State’s leading sports, and I would sincerely like to thank the Regions for their foresight in advancing our game. Additionally, I would also like to thank our General Manager of Community Netball, Liz Booth and Board Director Jill Powell, for the significant amount of time and effort they put into this process, as well the other Netball WA Board Directors, the Governance and Membership Review Committee, and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries for their support. You can read more about this significant change here.

The AGM also saw the appointment of two Board Directors, with Emma Chinnery and Jill Powell re-elected for three year terms. I would like to congratulate both Emma and Jill, and I look forward to their ongoing contributions at a strategic level over the next three years.

Life Membership

While the AGM served as an important platform for us to make changes for netball’s future, it also allowed us to reflect on the significant contributions of two of the State’s most decorated coaches through the presentation of Life Membership. Excitingly, Sue Gerrard and Sue Gaudion became the 95th and 96th Life Members respectively, and were both presented with the governing body’s highest individual honour in front of friends and family at the AGM.

Sue Gerrard is currently the 17U State Team Head Coach, and has held Life Membership of Royals Netball Club since 1987 and the Perth Netball Association since 1998. Gerrard competed for WA throughout the 1980s, and went on to be named West Australian Netball Coach of the Year twice, and was coach of the Superdome Bullets from 1994 to 2000, winning a number of premierships along the way.

Sue Gaudion is one of the game’s most recognisable characters, and continues to be an incredibly strong advocate for netball in Western Australia. Having served as a Head Coach in the then State Netball League from 2003 -2006, Gaudion was appointed Head Coach of the Perth Orioles in 2007, before being taking the reigns of West Coast Fever in their inaugural year. One of the game’s most respected broadcasters, Gaudion has commentated games at every level including the Commonwealth Games, Fast5 World Series, ANZ Championships and Suncorp Super Netball.

We are indebted to both Sue Gerrard and Sue Gaudion, and I would sincerely like to thank both these ladies for their contributions to, and strong advocacy of, netball in Western Australia. You can read more here.

Strategic Documents Launch

Following the Annual General Meeting, we also had the opportunity to publicly the Netball WA Strategic Plan 2018-2022, High Performance Plan and inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

The Strategic Plan is built on four Strategic Pillars; namely People & Culture, Participation, Pathway and Business Performance, with Netball WA firmly committed to fuelling the growth of the game in Western Australia. With a clear vision to be the sport of choice in Western Australia, this Plan will empower participants at every level to take control of their netball destiny, shape their journey and work together toward a common purpose of “Advancing Netball, Advancing Communities.”

The High Performance Plan has been developed to ensure there is a clear direction, strong foundations and an alignment of all Netball WA High Performance programs, and will represent shared accountability between West Coast Fever and the Netball WA Sport Development Unit.

The inaugural RAP articulates Netball WA’s commitment to building meaningful, lasting and respectful relationships, and declares a dedication to ensuring that the sport continues to be accessible and a leader in the sports industry.

These three documents are the blueprints for our sport over the next five years, and I would like to thank all stakeholders who engaged in the development process of the Strategic Plan and High Performance Plan, as well as the RAP Working Group for their contributions in that process.

You can view all three documents here and read more information here.

2019-2021 West Australian Netball League Licence Expressions of Interest

Yesterday, we opened the Expressions of Interest process for West Australian Netball League (WANL) licences for 2019 – 2021. Run by Netball WA, WANL is the State’s premier netball competition, and in 2019, will undergo its most significant changes in its 30-year history, with the licencing of eight new clubs selected by Netball WA to participate in a restructured female competition, while the addition of a Men’s Open Division in 2018 will cement the League’s position as the pre-eminent netball competition in WA.

We have extended invitations to a number of sporting clubs across a range of codes, and while our teams are important, we also require the investment of the corporate community of Western Australia. The reach of this reformed competition will be greater than ever, and I strongly urge you to contact our Commercial Team on 9380 3700 if you, or someone you know, would be interested in supporting the competition.

Interested parties must confirm their intent to submit an EOI by completing the Expression of Interest Part A form by Friday, 27 April 2018. Netball WA will then contact organisations to complete the full application, with Clubs to be advised of the outcome in early August. The full EOI Information Pack can be found here. For more information, please contact Health Bailey on or 9380 3700.

August 2017
Our Governance and Membership Review working group continues to meet across three key areas; namely financial modelling, competition framework and pathways and the Strategic Plan project. These key items are set to be presented to the Netball WA Board for discussion at the scheduled September 4 meeting, with potential amendments to be made pending any feedback from the Directors. Following the Board meeting, we will conduct an official debrief of the West Australian Netball League (WANL) season at the State Netball Centre on Sunday September 18. The debrief will incorporate a review of the 2017 season, insights into the 2018 campaign and, most importantly, an in-depth look at the proposed competition framework, inclusive of WANL, from 2019 onwards. Similarly, Regional representatives will again be engaged across these areas of focus, as well as any other updates to both the Constitutional reform project and Governance and Membership review, across the next two months. I would encourage everyone to continue to visit our Governance and Membership Review portal for the most up to date information on this project, and take the time to consider the documentation prior to your next engagement opportunity.

July 2017
While certainly not a new project, the ongoing rollout of our Governance and Membership review remained a key topic for consideration from our Board and Executive. Having disseminated our prosed governance model to all stakeholders, and conducted a series of Regional Roadshows to explain the model in greater detail, we are now in the process of developing detailed financial modelling, as well as specifically defining the structure and role of the Regional Offices. The robust feedback received from all 15 Regional Roadshows was discussed in depth during the meeting, especially your thoughts on how these Regional Offices should operate, given the unique geographical circumstances of each location. As a collective group, we are making excellent progress in this space, but will require further engagement with Regions and Associations in the coming months, particularly in relation to the financial modelling, Regional Offices operations and the timing of when these proposed changes will come into effect. By July 31 you will have all received the feedback from your specific Regional Roadshow session, with further information to follow about upcoming engagement opportunities. In the meantime, I would encourage you all to continue to visit our dedicated Governance and Membership Review portal, where a series of information and documentation can be accessed for review, including the proposed Governance Model, Constitutional Reform, and Competition Framework and Pathways.

June 2017
We have now reached a critical stage of the rollout of the recommendations from the Governance and Membership Review conducted by McLaughlin Sports Consultancy. It is important to first acknowledge the volume of work that has been already been completed this year, particularly in the past two months, during which time our General Manager of Community Netball, Liz Booth, has conducted 15 Regional Roadshow sessions, visiting all 11 of our Regions and reaching 57 of our affiliated Associations. This has been a most important and valuable phase of the process, allowing us to explain in further detail our proposed Governance model, all while continuing to receive your feedback from the coal face. During this time, we have also commenced work on the financial modelling that will ultimately sustain the Regional offices, while staff from both Netball WA and West Coast Fever have also held a series of initial meetings to begin drafting the relevant pathway and competition framework. This working group is set to engage with all current West Australian Netball League Clubs and identified community representatives in the near future to gain further insight from these relevant parties.

I am pleased to report that there has also been a significant body of work completed on the development of our next Strategic Plan, with input received during the aforementioned Regional roadshow sessions, the Netball WA workforce having conducted two strategic sessions with leading consultant Garie Dooley from STAND OUT ADVantage, and the Executive gathering for an extra four sessions to further refine the direction of these discussions.

Information from these two key projects will now be presented at the forthcoming Board and Executive meeting, to be held in mid-July, with that group to finalise a proposed model for both. Following the Board and Executive gathering, a draft implementation schedule will be made available, outlining in detail the proposed rollout and next steps associated with the new Governance model. I would like to remind each of you of the extensive list of resources, documentation and information already available on our dedicated Governance and Membership Review portal, and also bring to your attention that we have extended the deadline for feedback through until Friday July 7th. I would ask that you take the necessary time to review this information and submit your comments, so that we may include these in our considerations before settling on a finalised proposed model.

May 2017
Having consolidated the invaluable feedback from last month’s Strategic Forum, as well as the input from our initial Regional Roadshows delivered in recent weeks, we are now in a position to put forward the proposed governance model for netball in Western Australia. Built with the primary purpose of shaping the future structure of our game and ensuring its sustainability for the next 10-15 years, the proposed model was presented to the Netball WA Board earlier this month and subsequently received in principle support. I must stress that this proposed model is just that, and one that has been formed following a volume of rigorous research, incorporating the ongoing assessment from each of our Regions with their unique perspectives. There is still a body of work to be done, particularly relating to financial modelling and staff and resources structuring, but it is important that you now take the time to consider this proposed model and how it seeks to empower us all to continue to drive the growth and development of our game across the next decade.  Shaping of the governance model will be an ongoing process, ahead of finalising it towards the end of this year.

There are a series of engagement opportunities in the near future, including the upcoming Smarter than Smoking Association Championships; further Regional Roadshows and Metro Association Presidents meeting, and I would certainly appreciate you all taking the time to look through the documentation so that you are in a position to again provide valuable feedback when these opportunities arise. All of the relevant documents pertaining to the proposed governance model are now available via our dedicated Governance and Membership Review web portal.

April 2017
Preceding the AGM, we gathered as a group of Regional Presidents and Delegates, Association Representatives, Netball WA Board Members and Executive staff for our second Strategic Forum. The Governance and Membership Review working group began the day with a presentation to update those assembled on the project’s progress to date, as well as the key milestones ahead of us. The room was then divided into four separate workshop groups, mixing our Country and Metro Regions and Associations, to discuss and provide invaluable feedback on three main topics; namely defining the criteria for an Association and a Club, defining the composition and the role of a Regional Advisory Committee and an open discussion on the future of the West Australian Netball League. It was certainly encouraging to witness the robust discussion across each topic, as well as the willingness to elaborate on the similarities and differences, challenges and advantages from each respective Region, particularly the unique insight from both Country and Metro representatives. Given the ongoing nature of this project, and the fact that nothing is set in stone, I can assure you all that the feedback provided will be invaluable as we continue to shape the future structure of our game here in WA for the next 10-15 years. In the coming weeks we will commence our Regional Roadshows, providing further opportunity to both present current thinking and receive input that will enable us to begin to lay the foundations of a governance model that bests suits the entire sport. I would urge you all to approach each of these sessions with the same level of enthusiasm and engagement you brought to the Strategic Forum, but also keep an eye on what will be best for the future, not just the here and now. For those interested in refreshing ahead of the roadshows and those that were unable to attend the Strategic Forum, the full presentation can be viewed on our dedicated Governance and Membership Review web portal.

March 2017
Work continues in earnest as we prepare to deliver upon further recommendations from the Governance and Membership review conducted by McLaughlin Sports Consultancy in 2015. After presenting updates of the project plan and engagement strategy to the Netball WA Board at the beginning of the month, the working group have been steadfast in finalising their preparations ahead of the upcoming Strategic Forum, where a series of detailed ‘next steps’ will be outlined and opened for discussion and feedback from our assembled group of Regional and Association Presidents and Delegates. In addition, a new online portal, dedicated solely to providing a platform for relevant updates and information on this project, has been created on the Netball WA website and currently houses a series of important documents including the McLaughlin Sports Consultancy report, a copy of last year’s presentation on the 18 key recommendations and the agenda for this year’s meeting.

February 2017
No matter the entity, Governance and the pursuit of best practice is an ongoing focus and priority of our Board, as we continue to rollout the recommendations of the Governance and Membership Review conducted by McLaughlin Sports Consultancy in 2015. Last year we addressed the significant and constructive feedback received regarding fee structure, by adjusting the NetSetGO renewal rate and removing the non-playing membership fee, and our work to sustain the model of our grassroots continues in earnest in 2017, with 18 recommendations to be addressed. The Governance and Membership Review working committee has met recently to discuss a series of important issues, including a review of the recommendations, confirmation of key milestones and timeframes and ongoing opportunities for engagement in this process across all levels of our game. Updates to the project plan and engagement strategy will be presented to the Netball WA Board early next week, with the working committee continuing to progress the project plan through this initial phase, before a detailed presentation is delivered on the first weekend of April to Region and Association delegates as part of the AGM and Strategic Forum.

In the near future we will also establish a dedicated portal on the Netball WA website to house all the relevant documents and information pertaining to the Governance and Membership Review. Clear and transparent communication is a central component of this process and this portal will be the best way for you all to remain informed of the ongoing developments and project work. I will be sure to update you when this page is live and will circulate a link to ensure you all have access to this important platform. 

December 2016
Following an unprecedented review of our Governance and Membership structure conducted by McLaughlin Consultancy across the course of late 2015 and early 2016, this year our energy switched to implementing the first of its 18 key recommendations grouped into four categories; namely Role Identification, Governance and Planning, One Netball Community Model and Additional Activities. The initial phase of the process involved a full scale, detailed presentation of each recommendation at our AGM Strategic Forum in April, providing an excellent platform through which to apply further rigour and constructive feedback to the review, in turn revealing a need for further clarification of roles and responsibilities across each level of our sport. Consistent and transparent communication has formed a key component of this Review from the outset and we welcomed this assessment from our Members as it enabled both our Board and Executive to focus on a solution, establishing a formal feedback process for our member Associations and Regions on this important issue. We were overwhelmed by both the level of engagement, as well as the endorsement of our proposed model and certainly appreciated the willingness of our Members to continue to participate in this ongoing discussion.

Another key piece of feedback from the Review focused on our current fee structure and in recent months we have undertaken work to administer change that reflected the responses, including the removal of the Non-Playing Membership Fee and the reduction of the NetSetGO repeat by $15, marking a positive outcome for our sport that encourages greater participation, and no doubt will contribute to a long term growth in membership at our Clubs and Associations. I am proud of the work completed to date and, with my team continuing to develop feasibility cases across each of the key recommendations, the actioning of these significant changes will roll into next year as we strive to reshape and improve the delivery of the sport at all levels. Our Board and Executive are committed to continual improvement and growth, and these changes will help lay the foundations for the path ahead as we embark on the development of our next five-year strategic plan. Significantly, this plan will guide not only Netball WA but also our new charitable foundation Glass Jar Australia, as well as the new entity of West Coast Fever from 2017.

October 2016
At a grassroots level, I’m pleased to inform you that one of the key outcomes from our recent Governance and Membership Review was officially rolled out last week. The proposed 2017 Affiliation and Membership Fee structure was distributed to our Regions, Associations and Clubs last Friday, detailing a significant change for the year ahead with regards to the Non-Playing Membership Fee. To provide some context, Netball WA has, for a number of years, charged an Officials or Non-Playing Membership Fee. During the Review, we received significant feedback from a broad cross section of the netball community calling for changes to the Fee structure, namely the removal of the Non-Playing Fee. Having recently been signed off by our Netball WA Board, this change will come into effect in 2017, paving the way for even greater engagement in our game across the State, as well as streamlining our Fee structure. The Governance and Membership Review was a significant project for our Organisation and we are both proud to have delivered one of its key outcomes, and committed to working with our community to implement ongoing change for the betterment of our game.  

August 2016
Following a call for feedback from our membership base regarding proposed roles and responsibilities across each layer of our sport, it was encouraging to receive what was overwhelmingly positive feedback from representatives at Region, Association and Club level. The feedback also provided a number of constructive suggestions which will help clarify these roles, particularly those of the Associations and Netball WA. Almost all of the respondents offered to remain engaged in further consultation throughout the rollout of next steps, and will form the core of a referral group to pilot the new models across each level. As part of those next steps, a proposed 2017 fee structure will be presented to the Board for their endorsement at the September Board meeting. This new fee structure will be in line with the recommendations of the review and give consideration to areas including proposed changes to the non-member playing fee.

July 2016
Running alongside the development of our sport at the elite end, is the progression of our Membership and Governance Review which is now moving into its next phase. After seeking confirmation (as well as constructive feedback) from our membership across the proposed roles and responsibilities model of each level of our sport’s governance, we are now exploring the implementation of both this model and other recommendations from the review. Over the coming weeks, our team will be developing feasibility cases across each recommendation that will see us ultimately make significant changes to our sport at every level.

June 2016
Finally, I wanted to remind our member Regions, Associations and Clubs that, as part of the ongoing rollout of the recommendations from the Membership and Governance Review, we are currently seeking feedback on the proposed structure around roles and responsibilities across the sport. The original memo calling for feedback, as well as the feedback form, can be found online here. Please note that all feedback is due by Wednesday 15th June.

May 2016
The changes to ANZ NetSetGO were just one of a number of areas identified and supported by the findings of our recent Membership and Governance Review, which will be a key focus for the organisation in the coming months. This will be led by the outcomes of the Strategic Forum held at our AGM in April, which provided a clear direction for progressing the Review’s recommendations. Central to the presentation of these recommendations was a proposed structure to the roles and responsibilities that lie across Club, Association, Region and State levels. Following strong support of the proposed structure during the forum, we have developed a formal feedback process that will engage our member Associations and Regions over the coming weeks to solidify these role definitions, ultimately shaping the direction and rollout of further recommendations moving forward. I would like to acknowledge the support and input from everyone involved in the process to date, and look forward to your continued support as we further progress these exciting changes to our sport. 

April 2016
Prior to the AGM, I presented to our Regional Presidents the 18 recommendations presented to us by McLaughlin Consultancy following the Membership and Governance Review conducted in the back half of 2015. The presentation provided a great opportunity to talk through, in detail, each of the recommendations in the areas of Role Identification, Governance and Planning, One Netball Community Model and Additional Activities. Through some robust discussion and feedback, it was clear that the clarification of roles and responsibilities across each level of our sport will be critical before progressing a number of the other recommendations. Over the coming months, this will be an area of focus for our Board and Executive as we look to test the proposed model presented in the report, through engagement with the many stakeholders in our sport. You can view the full presentation from the Strategic Forum via the Governance page on our website here. Amongst a number of exciting outcomes from both the forum and the review as a whole, was the emergence of a need for a “Netball in WA Strategic Plan”, reflecting the significant growth and diversity of our business, particularly over the last 4-5 years. With the addition of new areas of responsibility including the State Netball Centre, Glass Jar and Shooting Stars, along with our continued development of community engagement initiatives the delivery of West Coast Fever, it is clear that the future of our organisation will require a significantly more comprehensive strategic vision, and I look forward to engaging with all of you as we look to begin this process in the back half of 2016.

February 2016
Following the completion of the Governance and Membership Review consultation across the second half of 2015, sports consultant Mike McLaughlin presented 18 recommendations that address a range of challenges and opportunities across the sport. The 18 key recommendations have been grouped into four key areas:

  • Role Identification
  • Governance and Planning
  • One Netball Community Model
  • Additional Activities

Having been presented to Netball WA’s Board in January this year and noted, these recommendations will be presented in full at this year’s AGM Strategic Forum on the 2nd April, where Netball WA will also present the organisation’s proposed implementation strategy across each recommendation. Each recommendation will require further consideration including, in some instances, the development of a feasibility study and full business case to determine their viability, and the resources required for further actions. I would like to thank all those involved to date for your commitment and contribution throughout the review process. Your input has provided a clear understanding of the direction we need to take as an organisation, and has given us confidence in the strength of the recommendations as we continue forward.

December 2015
Following the recent completion of the Governance and Membership Review, Netball WA has been presented with 18 recommendations by sports consultant Mike McLaughlin. The recommendations will be presented at the January Board meeting before being outlined to Netball WA’s Members at the AGM Conference on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of April next year.

November 2015
Following strong input from representatives across our Clubs, Regions and Associations, the final recommendations of the Governance and Membership Review have been presented by Mike McLaughlin. The working group has considered the 18 key recommendations, with the final report being presented to the Board by the end of November, ahead of their next meeting in January. Following this process, results of the report, including clear next steps, will be circulated in the New Year.