The Develop a Diamond Regional Academy (DADRA) is a long-term athlete development program that targets 14-16 year old talented athletes within Netball WA regions. Delivered over a 10-week period, the DADRA program is based on three core components; namely technical and tactical skill development, physical preparation and athlete wellbeing. With a focus on athletic development, acquisition of elite skills and the broader concepts of injury prevention, recovery, lifestyle management and education, the DADRA program aims to better equip aspiring athletes as they progress through the established National Pathways. The program also has a strong focus on the development and education of coaches as part of the coaching pathway.

The Develop a Diamond Academy (DADA) was launched by Netball Australia in 2012, after the national governing body identified the need to deliver programs for young players to better equip themselves to undertake the progressive training loads required as part of the progression through the National Athlete Pathway. As part of DADA’s implementation in WA, Netball WA established a regional focus for the program (DADRA) with 330 participants in its inaugural year. The program has grown with the inclusion of the Aboriginal All Stars Develop a Diamond Academy.

As a culmination of the DADRA Program 2 teams from each region play in the Netball WA Academy Cup.  The Academy Cup is a major event that provides the athletes the opportunity to compete in a state competition. Held annually over a weekend in October, the Academy Cup showcases the most talented athletes within this age group and the standard of play is traditionally fierce and highly competitive.

The DADRA program sits within the Netball WA Pathways and underpins Netball WA “Fever in Time” (FIT) and State Representative programs.

Regional Development Officer (RDO) can provide further information on the DADRA Program in your area along with trial and program dates.  Please click here for the RDO contact information

For further information, contact:

Sarah George | Game Development Coordinator – Player

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