General Enquiries

Ph: 9380 3700
Email: [email protected]
Address: 200 Selby St, Jolimont, WA, 6014


LIZ BOOTH General Manager – Community Netball
PH: 9380 3709 E: [email protected]

LIZ CHETKOVICH Manager – Community Netball
PH: 9380 3743 E: [email protected]

Community Engagement

KOBIE COMBES Community Engagement Coordinator – Schools
PH: 9380 3740 E: [email protected]

KAYLEIGH MORGAN Program Sales Coordinator
PH: 9380 3733 E: [email protected]

CAROLYN CLANCY Community Engagement Coordinator – NetSetGO
PH: 9380 3732 E: [email protected]

Game Development

JO SMITH Manager – Game Development
PH: 9380 3710 E: [email protected]

SARAH GEORGE Game Development Coordinator – Player/Coach
PH: 9380 3746 E: [email protected]

HEATH BAILEY Game Development Coordinator – Competitions
PH: 9380 3747 E: [email protected]

INGRID DICK Game Development Coordinator – High Performance & Community Umpiring Operations
PH: 9380 3755 E: [email protected]

MHAIRI STROUD Game Development Coordinator – Coach/Player
PH: 9380 3796 E: [email protected]

Member Services

MARK WATTON Manager – Member Services
PH: 9380 3742 E: [email protected]

JAIME-LEIGH STRICKLAND Member Services Coordinator – MyNetball
PH: 9380 3716 E: [email protected]

State Netball Centre

OLIVIA BIRKETT Manager – State Netball Centre
PH: 9380 3717 E: [email protected]

GARY BRETNALL Venue Operations Coordinator
PH: 9380 3723 E: [email protected]

DEANNA FORWARD Venue Receptionist and Administration Coordinator
PH: 9380 3719 E: [email protected]

Shared Services

DANIEL BARKER General Manager – Shared Services
PH: 9380 3721 E: [email protected]

MARK HUGHES General Manager – Brand, Communications & Events
PH: 9380 3700 E: [email protected]

Media and Communications

NATHAN DRUDI Media & Communications Manager
PH: 9380 3712 E: [email protected]

ASHTON MURPHY Graphic Designer
PH: 9380 3707 E: [email protected]

Commercial Partnerships

LACIE RISEBOROUGH Head of Partnerships & Philanthropy
PH: 9380 3706 E: [email protected]

JACKIE CROOKS Partnerships Manager
PH: 9380 3703 E: [email protected]

Events Operations

LISA MURRAY Events and Operations Manager
PH: 9380 3730 E: [email protected]

High Performance

TAMARA SHEPPARD Executive Officer – West Coast Fever
PH: 9380 3737 E: [email protected]

STACEY MARINKOVICH Head Coach – West Coast Fever
PH: 9380 3700 E: [email protected]

BELINDA ROYNOLDS Assistant Coach – West Coast Fever & Head Coach – West Coast Fever Academy
PH: 9380 3700 E: [email protected]

GARY DAWSON High Performance Analyst
PH: 9380 3734 E: [email protected]

SUZANNE LENNON Operations Manager – West Coast Fever & High Performance
PH: 9380 3711 E: [email protected]

LIAM WARWICK Athletic Performance Coach – West Coast Fever & High Performance
E: [email protected]


Alternatively, to find the best person to direct your enquiry to, click on the relevant department below:

OFFICE OF THE CEO: Responsible for the driving the strategic direction of Netball WA, delivering service excellence across critical corporate functions with a strong focus on financial management, People and Culture, Information Management and Technology.”

SHARED SERVICES: Supporting the delivery of all programs and events across Netball WA, West Coast Fever and Shooting Stars to a high standard, through services including marketing, communications, commercial and event delivery.”

SHOOTING STARS: Shooting Stars is an initiative of Netball WA and Glass Jar Australia, which uses netball as a vehicle to encourage greater engagement and attendance at school of young Aboriginal girls living in WA’s remote communities and regional towns.”

COMMUNITY: Responsible for providing support across the whole of the sport from grassroots to the state’s elite competitions; delivering development pathways, competitions and access for anyone interested in becoming involved in netball.”

WEST COAST FEVER & HIGH PERFORMANCE: Responsible for the strategic direction, development and management of all high performance programs for athletes, coaches and umpires within West Australia.”