Netball WA offer varied coach education opportunities through the suite of “Coaches in the Field” education sessions. The on and off court education sessions are developed to support coaches at all levels, along with coaches undertaking Coach Accreditation Courses. The courses ensure opportunity for coaches to stay updated with the latest coaching trends and to gain points from attendance to keep their Coaching Accreditation current. 

Coach Education programs are available to current Netball WA members. There is NO Fee to be a Netball WA member if you are a NON PLAYING coach/official, however ALL coaches must be members of Netball WA in that particular calendar year to register for any coach accreditation or education courses. To see if your membership is current or to become a Netball WA Member click here.

Netball WA reserve the right to cancel any course if

  • 2 weeks prior to the course less than 15 participants are registered in the scheduled course.
  • For any reason a Coach Presenter cannot be sourced to deliver the Session or the Coach Presenter is taken ill and no replacement can be sourced in the appropriate time.
  • Inclement weather puts presenter, athletes and participants at risk.
  • Appropriate number or level of athletes have not been arranged by Club/Association (if club/association requested course).
  • Any other event which requires the course to be cancelled and is out of the control of Netball WA or the  host Club/Association.   

Please see below information on the suite of “Coaches in the Field” Coach Education Sessions:


Connect Coach Coach Education Workshops

The “Connect Coach” program is a series of coach education workshops designed specifically for coaches moving through the coach accreditation pathway.

The purpose of the Netball WA Connect Coach program is to support the existing coach accreditation framework through the delivery of educational workshops designed to prepare participants for the next level of accreditation.

The 3-hour Connect Coach Workshops are practical workshops. It is not a pre-requisite for coaches to have completed these workshops prior to registering for the Coach Accreditation Courses however the workshops will enhance coaches understanding and practical skills required for the next level of accreditation. 

The courses available are for coaches entering the accreditation system at Foundation, Development and Intermediate levels.

Is a practical coach education workshop designed for coaches that have completed the online Foundation Coach Accreditation course. 

This 3 hour practical workshop will provide coaches the opportunity to deliver in a practical sense the following:

  • Foundation Skills of Netball (as per the Foundation Manual)
  • Explanation & Demonstration Skills
  • Progressing a skill
  • Error Detection and Correcting Skills
  • Providing Feedback (What, Why, How)
  • Game Sense


Is a practical coach education workshop designed for coaches that have completed the Foundation Coach Accreditation and wish to move onto the Development Coach Accreditation Course. Coaches may choose to do this course prior to completing the blended Development Accreditation Course (Online and Practical Component) or after if they feel that they would like more practical delivery experience of the Development Skills.

This practical workshop will cover:

  • 1-5 Step Progression
  • Error Detection and Correcting Skills
  • Providing Feedback

Along with the Netball Skills of:

  • Roll & half roll
  • Front cut
  • Clear & drive
  • Give & go
  • Defensive repositioning
  • Defensive dictating
  • 1st ball to a contest  

This practical workshop will prepare coaches for the Development Coach Accreditation Course with some of the practical components they are required to deliver during the course.


Designed for coaches that have completed the Development Coach Accreditation Course and wish to undertake the Intermediate Coach Accreditation Course.

This workshop is a blend of theory and practical and will cover:

  • 1-7 Step Progression
  • Error Detection/Correction (What, Why, How)
  • Coachable Moments – What, When, Why, How?

This workshops will prepare coaches for the Intermediate Coach Accreditation Course in which coaches are assessed on their delivery of a practical coaching session.

Dare to Develop A Diamond Coach Education Session

The Dare to Develop a Diamond Program is a Netball Australia initiative for coaches for the development of 11-13 and 14 – 16 year olds that focus on the development of a netball athlete within these specific age groups. 

The program is suitable for ALL level of coaches. 

Both programs are based around three core components: 

  • Technical and Tactical Skill Development 
  • Physical Preparation 
  • Athlete Wellbeing 

The primary focus of the 11-13 year old program is to: 

  • Develop and correct individual athlete technique 
  • Develop athletes’ ability to withstand the effects of speed and fatigue 
  • To consistently execute the skills of netball under pressure 

The athletes will concentrate on a range of fundamental sports skills including: 

  • Throwing 
  • Catching 
  • Jumping 
  • Running 
  • Basic game formats that encourage fun 
  • Skill Development 
  • Decision Making 

The primary focus of the 14-16 year old program is to: 

  • Provide a holistic program that focuses on the continued development of the individual athlete and her ability to contribute to a team environment. 
  • Provide a program based on the Netball Australia Curriculum and designed to maximize the athletes’ potential. 

The athletes will concentrate on a range of sport specific skill development including: 

  • Perceptual skills 
  • Reading the game 
  • Tactical Introduction 
  • Decision Making 

Coaches to Receive 

  • Dare to Develop a Diamond 11-13 year old coach manual 
  • Dare to Develop a Diamond 14-16 year old coach manual 

Bring with you: 

  • Pen 
  • Water Bottle 
  • Snack if required

Suncorp NetSetGO Workshop

The Suncorp NetSetGO Workshop is aimed specifically at coaches involved with the Suncorp NetSetGO Program. The Workshop is about education, learning and development opportunities for coaches in our netball community who wish to develop their skills, network and up-skill themselves for the coming season.

The workshop will cover:

  • Off Court Education
    • Rules of Netball for Suncorp NetSetGO players
    • Structuring training sessions
  • On court Sessions
    • Attacking Netball skills
    • Defending Netball skills
    • Shooting Netball skills 
    • Fun Warm Ups
    • Adapting skills activities/games for different ages
    • Fun Interactive age appropriate activities teaching: 
  • Each participant will receive a Workshop goody bag.

Please bring the following with you:

  • Pen
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch

On the Court

The “On the Court” program is a series of coach education workshops specifically designed for coaches from  community through to advanced level WA Netball League and State Level Coaches. Courses are scheduled across the year, however Clubs and Associations may request a course.

Each participant should bring to the course 

Writing material 

• Water bottle / snacks 

• Warm jacket


  • Clubs and Associations can request a “On the Court” session. Click here to complete form (Form to come)
  • A minimum of 6 weeks notice is required to Netball WA when booking an “On the Court” session.
  • A minimum number of 15 coaches is required for a “On the Court” session. 
  • Clubs/Associations will be required to arrange the court hire and appropriate level of athletes for the requested session. 
  • It is the Club/Associations responsibility to advertise the “On the Court” Session to ensure the minimum number of participants. 
  • Netball WA reserve the right to cancel the course if
    • 2 weeks prior to the course less than 15 participants are registered.
    • For any reason a Coach Presenter cannot be sourced to deliver the “On the Court” Session or Coach Presenter is taken ill and no replacement can be sourced in the appropriate time.
    • Inclement weather puts presenter, athletes and participants at risk.
    • Appropriate number or level of athletes have not been arranged by Club/Association.
    • Any other event which requires the course to be cancelled and is out of the control of Netball WA or the  host Club/Association. 


  • Developing Footwork & Movement Patterns
  • Attacking Footwork / Agility
  • Defensive Footwork / Agility
  • The Catch & Passing Skills – Chest, Shoulder, Lob, Overhead, Bounce
  • Game Sense
  • Straight Lead / Change of Direction / Change of Pace
  • Creating Space / Lead & Drop Back
  • Front Cut / Give & Go
  • Clear & Drive / Split & Re-offer
  • Balancing the Court / Working Corridors
  • Rolls / Half Rolls
  • 1:1 Defence / First Ball Intercept
  • Hands over Pressure / Working the Ground
  • Anticipation
  • Off Line Defence
  • Double Defence
  • Centre Court Press
  • Box / Diamond Defence    
  • Defensive Repositioning 
  • Defending the Shot / Rebounding
  • Split Circle Defence
  • Shooting Technique / Rebounding
  • Shooter Leads and Circle Entry
  • Rotation in the Circle/ Shooter to Shooter pass 
  • Shooter Screens 
  • Holding and Moving Shooter
  • Centre Pass Options Attack & Defence

Workshop Duration: 2 hours 

Practical Selectors Course

The Selectors Workshop is a Netball Australia workshop designed to provide information for coaches and selectors with regards to the Talent Identification and selection of athletes. The selectors workshop is a free Online E-Learning course that can be accessed through MyNetball.

Netball WA will be running a practical Selectors Workshop to compliment the E-Learning Selectors Workshop.  

The workshop will be run alongside Netball WA 17U State Team Phase 1 Trials enabling course participants the opportunity to view the processes put in place for selections.

Participants will hear from State Selectors on what they look for in the athletes during the different selection phases. 

Have a go at “real-time” selecting and see how you go!

Enrolment Pre-requisites

Completion of free E-learning Selectors WorkshopCOMPLETE

E-Learning Coach Education Courses

Netball Australia has a range of online courses, exams and learning material available to support the development of coaches, umpires, athletes and volunteers. Netball WA encourage coaches to utilise the E-Learning portals to keep up to date with current coaching trends. Coaches receive points for completing these courses which go towards maintaining and updating their coach accreditation.

Click here to get information on the following free Netball Australia E-Learning Courses:

  • Bench Officials Education Course
  • Club Champions
  • Coaching our Way
  • Community Coaching General Principles
  • Expect Respect  
  • Getting to Know NetSetGO
  • Mentoring  
  • Netball Inclusion Course
  • Rules of Netball Theory Umpire Exam
  • Select for Success

Click here to log in to the e-learning system.

Play by the Rules E-learning Courses | Click Here


The Netball Australia Blueprint has been developed as a tool for coaches to help understand the national approach to coaching and the strategy and vision to support the development of coaches across the country.  

The Coaching Blueprint articulates a clear direction and philosophy and is intended to be a resource that coaches can utilise at any stage to support their development and enhance their coaching.  

The Coaching Our Way – Player Centred eLearning platform is an interactive coach learning tool, designed to give coaches education on the player centred coaching philosophy and how they can implement it with their playing group.

The resource, available below, has been developed to provide support to the Coaching Blueprint and Coach Approach strategy which aims to support netball participation, and ensure that the coaching community is empowered and well supported.

The free resource includes four modules of interactive learning designed to get coaches thinking about how to apply the principles of player centred coaching with their unique playing group and hear from Australian Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander and players about the benefits. A coach journal tool allows coaches to make notes of their learning and strategies for implementation, along with downloadable PDF’s and surveys. A certificate of recognition will be issued upon completion of all four modules.

Coaches will be required register and log into MyNetball to access the free coaching resource.

Click here for enrolment instructions on how to access the Coaching Our Way E-Learning Resource.

Click here to access Coaching Our Way E-Learning Resource

The KNEE Program

Netball Australia is aiming to reduce the prevalence of serious knee injuries by up to 70 per cent with the Knee injury prevention for Netballers and Enhance performance and Extend play (KNEE) Program.

The first of its kind in netball, the KNEE Program, developed with the support of the Australian Institute of Sport, is an on court warm up program designed to enhance movement efficiency and prevent injury.

According to national data, knee injuries are the most common injury sustained by netballers, surpassing ankle injuries, with as high as 25% of all major injuries attributed to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

“The KNEE Program targets a key problem area for netballers and we are optimistic it will have a hugely positive effect on the health and performance of netballers of all ages and skill levels,” Netball Australia’s Head Physiotherapist and KNEE Program creator Alanna Antcliff said.

“Used effectively, the resource has the potential to reduce not only ACL injuries but all lower body injuries across all levels of netball, extending playing potential while also enhancing movement speed, efficiency and resilience.”

The free digital resource, available on any connected device, has been designed to educate coaches and support staff by using a comprehensive suite of step by step guides and instructional videos for every exercise.

The KNEE Program targets three specific groups of players – junior, recreational and elite level athletes with different exercises tailored to match the predicted capabilities of each group.

“There are proven effective injury prevention programs that exist for other sports but this program uses those principles and applies it to specific demands of netball,” Antcliff said.

“Females are four to six times more likely than males to rupture their ACL. The KNEE Program has a long term program target to not only reduce these injuries by between 40-70% but to reduce the incidence of all lower limb injuries. By improving how players move on court it also aims to increase player’s movement efficiency.”

Netball remains the leading women’s team sport and top teams based sport for 15-24 year olds in Australia with over 1.2 million participants enjoying the game nationally, across over 5,000 clubs and 730 associations, from entry level ANZ Net Set GO program right through to the Diamonds.

The free resource is available at

Payments, Refund & Transfer Policy

Payment must accompany registration. Netball WA will be enforcing Netball Australia National Policy and Assessment Guidelines in relation to refunds of course enrolment fees, as follows:

  • Notification of withdrawal in writing up to 30 days prior to commencement of the course – Full refund.
  • Notification of withdrawal in writing up to 14 days prior to commencement of the course – 50% refund.
  • Notification of withdrawal in writing less than 14 days prior to commencement of the course – No refund.

In the event of a participant wishing to transfer to another course, a 30% admin fee will apply. All transfers must be approved by the Coach Development Coordinator and formal enrolment must be completed for the preferred course. Please note that transfers will only be approved if requested prior to the course date, and only transfers in to a course in the same calendar year will be processed.

For further information, contact:

Sport Development Coach Coordinator
Office: +61 8 9380 3700 | Direct: +61 8 9380 3796 | Email: