Netball Australia updated their coaching accreditation framework in 2008. The framework aims to assist coaches to successfully move through the Coach Education Framework. The framework is made up of a six-tier progression, with each stage being accredited.

National Coach Accreditation Framework – 2018 Edition 

Course content reflects our changing community and the need for coaches to be more mindful of inclusive coaching practices, risk management, child protection, member protection and immediate first aid.

Coaches are required to move through the Coach Accreditation Pathway completing competencies and pre-requisites prior to moving to the next Coach Accreditation Course.


Read more about each of the Accreditation Courses here:

Course Information

Accreditation Updating

Netball Australia’s Coach Education Framework supports the development of coaches from beginner or club level through to international arena. Coaches are able to progress along the six-tier accreditation pathway depending on their personal aspirations and ability.

Coaches must update their accreditation every four years to maintain currency. This system aims to provide coaches with professional development opportunities to further their knowledge of netball and thus increase the level of netball across Australia.

One of the easiest methods of updating is by obtaining the next level of accreditation, thus starting the four-year cycle again.

Please login to MyNetball to complete your Accreditation Updating.

How to gain points for Accreditation Updating:

  • Attend a Netball WA approved course, workshop or conference
  • Complete MyNetball Online Courses
  • Gain practical coaching hours
  • Presenter or Assessor training
  • Presenting of courses and/or workshops – Advanced, Elite and High Performance coaches only
  • Presenting at Netball Australia or State Association

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