Associate Members

In 2018 we saw significant change in the membership and governance structure of Netball WA. The 2019 season marked the beginning of the Netball WA Regional Office structure, and the Association Tier system of membership, and the new Associate Membership type.

This membership type allows the inclusion of new entities into Netball WA’s membership, and suits a variety of organisations, from Football & Netball Leagues, to other netball supporting organisations.

For Associations that did not reach the requisite 50 members to reach Tier 3 during the previous year, an Associate Membership will be the membership option to ensure that they stay engaged with Netball WA and can access servicing in 2020.

Please click below to fill out the 2021 Annual Association Affiliation Agreement form for existing Associations and Associate Members. If you are a New Association or your membership has lapsed, please contact Adam at

Download the Key Affiliation Dates for 2021.

-A Small Country Association is a Tier 3 Association with 150 members or fewer who has applied to be a Small Country Association 
  through the process determined by Netball WA from time to time.
-Small Country Associations must complete the affiliation process determined in 2021 Membership and Affiliation Procedures and pay all relevant affiliation fees.
-Individual Members of Small Country Associations are eligible for Individual Small Country Memberships.
-Small Country Associations are eligible to compete in the Association Championships but may incur a higher team entry fee than full Member Associations.

Please note:

-Associate Members who were Associations in 2020 and run a competition will also be permitted to apply to be Small Country 

Associations wishing to conduct a Short Season (eg. Spring) Competition must ensure that they meet the following criteria:

-The competition cannot run for longer than 10 weeks;
-Details of your Short Season Competition must be completed via the 2021 Annual Association Affiliation Agreement form and include:
  -Competition type (senior, junior, mixed, social etc.);
  -Start and Finish dates of competition;
  -Day/s of the week that the competition will be conducted on;
  -Facility were competition will be held;
  -Estimated number of clubs and/or teams participating;

-This membership will only be available for those members who are affiliating for the stated season and are not already affiliated 
  through the same, or another, Association for the winter competitions;
-All NEW Short Season members must be registered in MyNetball as per the MyNetball registration procedures prior to the 
  commencement of the competition. This will ensure these NEW members receive insurance coverage;
   -All current Netball WA members are registered for the Short Season competition as a Secondary registration. Members already 
    affiliated with Netball WA WILL NOT be charged a second affiliation fee however, we do require their secondary registration so an individual’s full playing history can be recorded;

Please note:

This competition type is not intended to be a replacement for a full winter competition and should not be used as such, but may be used as a supplement to the winter competition.
Suncorp NetSetGO is a Participant Program and IS NOT a Membership Category (please refer to the 2021 Membership and Affiliation Procedures for further details).