Following a comprehensive review of Netball WA’s Governance and Membership model, conducted in 2015 McLaughlin Sports Consultancy, the governing body has commenced the delivery process of implementing a number of the 18 key recommendations handed down by the review. Having already adjusted the Suncorp NetSetGO renewal rate and removed the non-playing membership fee, Netball WA will continue to engage relevant stakeholders in the rollout of further recommendations across the next 12 months. Clear and transparent communication will be a central component of this process and, as a result, this dedicated portal has been established to ensure all stakeholders remain informed and up to date on all progress and developments related to the project. Below you will find relevant documentation, as well as a list of delivered, ongoing and upcoming communications and engagement opportunities in relation to the Governance and Membership Review.  

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March 2017
Work continues in earnest as we prepare to deliver upon further recommendations from the Governance and Membership review conducted by McLaughlin Sports Consultancy in 2015. After presenting updates of the project plan and engagement strategy to the Netball WA Board at the beginning of the month, the working group have been steadfast in finalising their preparations ahead of the upcoming Strategic Forum, where a series of detailed ‘next steps’ will be outlined and opened for discussion and feedback from our assembled group of Regional and Association Presidents and Delegates. In addition, a new online portal, dedicated solely to providing a platform for relevant updates and information on this project, has been created on the Netball WA website and currently houses a series of important documents including the McLaughlin Sports Consultancy report, a copy of last year’s presentation on the 18 key recommendations and the agenda for this year’s meeting.

February 2017
No matter the entity, Governance and the pursuit of best practice is an ongoing focus and priority of our Board, as we continue to rollout the recommendations of the Governance and Membership Review conducted by McLaughlin Sports Consultancy in 2015. Last year we addressed the significant and constructive feedback received regarding fee structure, by adjusting the NetSetGO renewal rate and removing the non-playing membership fee, and our work to sustain the model of our grassroots continues in earnest in 2017, with 18 recommendations to be addressed. The Governance and Membership Review working committee has met recently to discuss a series of important issues, including a review of the recommendations, confirmation of key milestones and timeframes and ongoing opportunities for engagement in this process across all levels of our game. Updates to the project plan and engagement strategy will be presented to the Netball WA Board early next week, with the working committee continuing to progress the project plan through this initial phase, before a detailed presentation is delivered on the first weekend of April to Region and Association delegates as part of the AGM and Strategic Forum.

In the near future we will also establish a dedicated portal on the Netball WA website to house all the relevant documents and information pertaining to the Governance and Membership Review. Clear and transparent communication is a central component of this process and this portal will be the best way for you all to remain informed of the ongoing developments and project work. I will be sure to update you when this page is live and will circulate a link to ensure you all have access to this important platform. 

December 2016
Following an unprecedented review of our Governance and Membership structure conducted by McLaughlin Consultancy across the course of late 2015 and early 2016, this year our energy switched to implementing the first of its 18 key recommendations grouped into four categories; namely Role Identification, Governance and Planning, One Netball Community Model and Additional Activities. The initial phase of the process involved a full scale, detailed presentation of each recommendation at our AGM Strategic Forum in April, providing an excellent platform through which to apply further rigour and constructive feedback to the review, in turn revealing a need for further clarification of roles and responsibilities across each level of our sport. Consistent and transparent communication has formed a key component of this Review from the outset and we welcomed this assessment from our Members as it enabled both our Board and Executive to focus on a solution, establishing a formal feedback process for our member Associations and Regions on this important issue. We were overwhelmed by both the level of engagement, as well as the endorsement of our proposed model and certainly appreciated the willingness of our Members to continue to participate in this ongoing discussion.

Another key piece of feedback from the Review focused on our current fee structure and in recent months we have undertaken work to administer change that reflected the responses, including the removal of the Non-Playing Membership Fee and the reduction of the NetSetGO repeat by $15, marking a positive outcome for our sport that encourages greater participation, and no doubt will contribute to a long term growth in membership at our Clubs and Associations. I am proud of the work completed to date and, with my team continuing to develop feasibility cases across each of the key recommendations, the actioning of these significant changes will roll into next year as we strive to reshape and improve the delivery of the sport at all levels. Our Board and Executive are committed to continual improvement and growth, and these changes will help lay the foundations for the path ahead as we embark on the development of our next five-year strategic plan. Significantly, this plan will guide not only Netball WA but also our new charitable foundation Glass Jar Australia, as well as the new entity of West Coast Fever from 2017.

October 2016
At a grassroots level, I’m pleased to inform you that one of the key outcomes from our recent Governance and Membership Review was officially rolled out last week. The proposed 2017 Affiliation and Membership Fee structure was distributed to our Regions, Associations and Clubs last Friday, detailing a significant change for the year ahead with regards to the Non-Playing Membership Fee. To provide some context, Netball WA has, for a number of years, charged an Officials or Non-Playing Membership Fee. During the Review, we received significant feedback from a broad cross section of the netball community calling for changes to the Fee structure, namely the removal of the Non-Playing Fee. Having recently been signed off by our Netball WA Board, this change will come into effect in 2017, paving the way for even greater engagement in our game across the State, as well as streamlining our Fee structure. The Governance and Membership Review was a significant project for our Organisation and we are both proud to have delivered one of its key outcomes, and committed to working with our community to implement ongoing change for the betterment of our game.  

August 2016
Following a call for feedback from our membership base regarding proposed roles and responsibilities across each layer of our sport, it was encouraging to receive what was overwhelmingly positive feedback from representatives at Region, Association and Club level. The feedback also provided a number of constructive suggestions which will help clarify these roles, particularly those of the Associations and Netball WA. Almost all of the respondents offered to remain engaged in further consultation throughout the rollout of next steps, and will form the core of a referral group to pilot the new models across each level. As part of those next steps, a proposed 2017 fee structure will be presented to the Board for their endorsement at the September Board meeting. This new fee structure will be in line with the recommendations of the review and give consideration to areas including proposed changes to the non-member playing fee.

July 2016
Running alongside the development of our sport at the elite end, is the progression of our Membership and Governance Review which is now moving into its next phase. After seeking confirmation (as well as constructive feedback) from our membership across the proposed roles and responsibilities model of each level of our sport’s governance, we are now exploring the implementation of both this model and other recommendations from the review. Over the coming weeks, our team will be developing feasibility cases across each recommendation that will see us ultimately make significant changes to our sport at every level.

June 2016
Finally, I wanted to remind our member Regions, Associations and Clubs that, as part of the ongoing rollout of the recommendations from the Membership and Governance Review, we are currently seeking feedback on the proposed structure around roles and responsibilities across the sport. The original memo calling for feedback, as well as the feedback form, can be found online here. Please note that all feedback is due by Wednesday 15th June.

May 2016
The changes to ANZ NetSetGO were just one of a number of areas identified and supported by the findings of our recent Membership and Governance Review, which will be a key focus for the organisation in the coming months. This will be led by the outcomes of the Strategic Forum held at our AGM in April, which provided a clear direction for progressing the Review’s recommendations. Central to the presentation of these recommendations was a proposed structure to the roles and responsibilities that lie across Club, Association, Region and State levels. Following strong support of the proposed structure during the forum, we have developed a formal feedback process that will engage our member Associations and Regions over the coming weeks to solidify these role definitions, ultimately shaping the direction and rollout of further recommendations moving forward. I would like to acknowledge the support and input from everyone involved in the process to date, and look forward to your continued support as we further progress these exciting changes to our sport. 

April 2016
Prior to the AGM, I presented to our Regional Presidents the 18 recommendations presented to us by McLaughlin Consultancy following the Membership and Governance Review conducted in the back half of 2015. The presentation provided a great opportunity to talk through, in detail, each of the recommendations in the areas of Role Identification, Governance and Planning, One Netball Community Model and Additional Activities. Through some robust discussion and feedback, it was clear that the clarification of roles and responsibilities across each level of our sport will be critical before progressing a number of the other recommendations. Over the coming months, this will be an area of focus for our Board and Executive as we look to test the proposed model presented in the report, through engagement with the many stakeholders in our sport. You can view the full presentation from the Strategic Forum via the Governance page on our website here. Amongst a number of exciting outcomes from both the forum and the review as a whole, was the emergence of a need for a “Netball in WA Strategic Plan”, reflecting the significant growth and diversity of our business, particularly over the last 4-5 years. With the addition of new areas of responsibility including the State Netball Centre, Glass Jar and Shooting Stars, along with our continued development of community engagement initiatives the delivery of West Coast Fever, it is clear that the future of our organisation will require a significantly more comprehensive strategic vision, and I look forward to engaging with all of you as we look to begin this process in the back half of 2016.

February 2016
Following the completion of the Governance and Membership Review consultation across the second half of 2015, sports consultant Mike McLaughlin presented 18 recommendations that address a range of challenges and opportunities across the sport. The 18 key recommendations have been grouped into four key areas:

  • Role Identification
  • Governance and Planning
  • One Netball Community Model
  • Additional Activities

Having been presented to Netball WA’s Board in January this year and noted, these recommendations will be presented in full at this year’s AGM Strategic Forum on the 2nd April, where Netball WA will also present the organisation’s proposed implementation strategy across each recommendation. Each recommendation will require further consideration including, in some instances, the development of a feasibility study and full business case to determine their viability, and the resources required for further actions. I would like to thank all those involved to date for your commitment and contribution throughout the review process. Your input has provided a clear understanding of the direction we need to take as an organisation, and has given us confidence in the strength of the recommendations as we continue forward.

December 2015
Following the recent completion of the Governance and Membership Review, Netball WA has been presented with 18 recommendations by sports consultant Mike McLaughlin. The recommendations will be presented at the January Board meeting before being outlined to Netball WA’s Members at the AGM Conference on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of April next year.

November 2015
Following strong input from representatives across our Clubs, Regions and Associations, the final recommendations of the Governance and Membership Review have been presented by Mike McLaughlin. The working group has considered the 18 key recommendations, with the final report being presented to the Board by the end of November, ahead of their next meeting in January. Following this process, results of the report, including clear next steps, will be circulated in the New Year.